Friday, March 20, 2009

I need to wash my brain!



Guess what I have!!!!! No its not the DVD yet, still waiting on that.  (Where are you Mr. UPS man!!)




Sorry about the quality of the pictures. 

So Jessie came by work to eat my food as usual, and while she was here I called around looking for my Mini-Edward.  :)  Well I called Spencer's.  They had two, so I slammed the phone down and Jessie and I rushed over to the mall.  I think I was there in 0.3 seconds or something like that.   Anyway they had him with the other random action figures, right next to the  EESSS***YOU KNOW WHAT****XXXXX  items.  So that is the reason for the title of my post, that place is just so not nice.  They did have Mini-Edward though.  He was the only nice thing in there.

Tonight he will be attending one of his Twilight DVD release parties with us.  There will be lost of photos to follow. :)




D... said...

Um, seriously? There are Mini-Edwards out there in the world? I am so going to have to be on the look-out now.

The blogging world teaches me so much! ;) Enjoy your day early dvd and the premiere party tonight!

Tammy said...

Ok, now I am cracking up... and I'm sure if I walked into that store I would die from embarrassment by their products. I can remember being a teenager and my friends dragging me in there. Oh the horror.

Muthering Heights said...

Spencer's IS pretty gross...but I guess it's good that they had Edward! Is he the only action figure you plan to collect?

jennifer said...

Fess up, you bought the board game didn't you... the one that Spencer's has had on the shelf for years? It's ok, you can tell ME.

Louise said...

NOVEMBER 20th NEW MOON comes out!! MOVIE NIGHT!! WHooot Whoot! :)

Ashley said...

Valarie ~ It was so great to meet you (and Mini-Edward) Friday night!!! I loved all your Twilight gear - especially Sydney's red eyes!!