Monday, April 13, 2009


The other day, Friday to be exact, we had some major storms come thru here. It left a path of destruction and debris in its path. It also left a dog at my house.....

(Not actual dog, this is just a dog that looks like the dog)

We now have a Miniature Collie, or Sheltie running around outside.

You see I got this call right after the storms from Jessie telling me, "Oh mommy, we have a new little dog, he is oh so cute and precious, and well mannered, and pretty, and precious, and can we keep him? Huh Huh Huh Huh.......

Me being the wonderful Mother that I am, I said that dog better be gone, by the time I get home! So they took it over to my sister Lisa's house to try to pawn it off on her. It was close and she almost caved, but in the end she held her ground.

I told the girls, he probably just got lost during the storm, let him run around and he will eventually go home.

Saturday, the dog is still here running around.

Saturday evening the dog is gone. :)

Then I find out that the dog is at the neighbors in the back yard. At this point I am thinking better you than me.

Sunday still no sign of the dog running around, still must be at Josh's.

Sunday evening, the dog is back at my house. (I did not tell the girls, I went in the house and never mentioned seeing a dog)

Monday morning, the dog is walking with my Mother-in-Law... Ugh!

Monday evening (tonight) , I just stopped Jessie as she was driving down our road, on my way back from the gym. She had the dog in her lap, in the car!

Now to make this whole thing worse, other than the fact that Jessie does not want to actively seek the owner, she went and took the dog off the neighbors front porch this evening.

My child is a dog stealer......Lord help her :(

When I asked her what she had to say for herself, this was her response.....

"Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers"

Please, If anyone has lost a Miniature Collie in the North Alabama area, please email me, I think he is at my house.

Paaaaaaalllleeeeaaassseeeeee! I don't want another dog! :(


Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like he wants you!!

Sandy Toes said...

Oh my...if he looks like that dog...he is very cute!
sandy toe

Simply_Pam said...

Kids and dogs.. ya can yell at them both but they refuse to leave "home" and if they do.. they always return ! Good Luck !

littletoesandcheerios said...

He's a very cute dog I'm sure, but I know how you feel! Best of luck to ya...I have a feeling you better buy a bowl and some food, LOL!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Surely you have room for him ;) Easy for me to say, right!

Mom On A Mission said...

What's funny is my bff lost a Sheltie about a year ago. I wonder if it just made it to you :-). Shelties are great dogs. I'm sure the owner is sad, yet should learn their lesson to put tags on their dog.

Carrie said...

Good luck but it sound like you might have a new dog

LISSALYNN2006 said...

wow have you tried putting up posters? very beautiful dog he is and maybe its a sign from God....he might need a home and the lord sent him to you because he knew you could take care of him..........good luck

mah-meeee said...

maybe he is microchipped? you can take him to a local animal shelter or vet and see if they can sense a microchip in it.

if not... there is a chance you might have to have another dog! he's a cutie!

MAMA said...


Come on. Let Jessie keep him. She does'nt ask for much. Besides, he is a beautiful dog. If you don't fall in love with him, or not find his owner, or not let Jessie keep him (she can buy his food), then don't give him away until you talk to me. We've been kinda looking for a dog that size.

He is definitely not a Sheltie. Janice has Shelties and they don't look a thing like that.

Remember me, BUT DO NOT TAKE HIM AWAY FROM JESSIE. (If she insists)

Love ya.

sydney :D said...


if you lost the dog do not email!!

i want to keep lassie!!

do not take him back!!

i refuse! i will go on strike!!

i will protest!!!!!!

MAWMAW said...

Well, bless her heart. I didn't know that Syd wanted to keep him too. And probably L.L. does too. He would make a good rough and rowdy pet for L. Logan. (out in the yard) AND DOGS LOVE TO SWIM.

Come on---CAVE IN---Let the kids keep the "puppy".

P.S. I have heard no comment from B. Logan.

Trista said...

Tasty Thursday is back!! Hope to see you there and wouldn't mind if you help spread the word either! :o)

jennifer said...

Valarie, is Timmy missing? Have you checked the well?

The dog could come in handy if Timmy DOES fall down the well. I think Jess should be allowed to keep Lassie... I mean the stray dog.

D... said...

Ok, it's now 2 days later. Inquiring minds want to know, what is happening with that adorable doggie?

Burgh Baby said...


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Seems he picked out his HAVE to name him Toto!

Rhea said...

I always worry that someone somewhere is seriously missing that dog. Have you taken it to the vet to see if it has a microchip?

Rambling Girl said...

Oh he is a cutie!!!

Doug and Terrye said...

How funny!!! I live way down in FL and I'm pretty sure it is NOT my dog :)

Terrye in FL