Monday, May 18, 2009

Dream a little dream...


There is a time of sleeping that seems to be a parallel universe.  Its a state of consciousness and unconsciousness, a state of vividness.  It seems to happen when that first alarm goes off in the morning and you hit snooze.  You roll back over and enter a very very strange world.  Every now and then when you wake up, you can remember everything.  Sometimes you probably wish you didn't remember.


The other morning I had such a dream.  It was a place where all me randomness converged into one major story.....

I remember being in front of my Daddies house.  Syd and I were in a car.  I think I was teaching her how to drive. (I learned how to drive in front of my Daddies house) For some reason though, the car would only go in reverse (I learned how to drive in front of my Daddies house by driving in reverse, then putting it in drive and going back to the end of the road), and the breaks would not work and the accelerator was stuck.  The road however seemed to just keep going.  Then a car approached us quickly and then passed us.  It was a mail car.  (My Daddy was a mail man)  I was being driven by the Jonas brothers, they were wearing red jackets. (I have no idea what that means)


Suddenly the end of the road was coming at us very fast!  I told Syd to hold on and then I reversed it into the ditch across the street hoping it would slow the car down.  The car continued on, only coming to a stop in the neighbors back yard.  Stopping like 20 feet from a bunch of children that were being babysat by one of Syds friends.  (Hi Taylor!)


(I talk with my hands)

Then Carl Winslow came out of the house (Must of watched Family Matters before I went to bed) and was the police officer working the wreck.


Then as I was standing in the neighbors yard I noticed these bricks that were on his house.  They all had numbers on them.  He told me that they actually were there honoring his family who died in the holocaust.  They were the numbers that were given to them at the camps.

Now can someone please tell me what in the world all of that would mean!

It was really really weird.....




Tammy said...

I'm thinking it means you need to eat a HUGE bowl of Ben and Jerry's before bedtime! :-)

Louise said...

Ummm yeah that is strange. Sorry drawing a blank here, can't help you out. Very interesting though and amazing you remember it all.
Good luck with that one ;)

sydney :) said...


mah-meeee said...

oh boy... it's definitely strange. esp the part with the jonas brothers...

reliving your youth in the present, maybe??

Dawn said...

Maybe you've been eating too much birthday cake before bedtime???

(Or maybe not enough!)

Hope you've had a great day!

Sandy Toes said...

sandy toe

Ashley said...

I've had some pretty strange dreams before but I think this one tops mine. There are so many random things in there I'm not sure I know where to begin on trying to make sense of it all. haha!

P.S. I am a hands-talker, too. :)

Archie Mck said...

Incidentally every police officer in my head looks like Carl Winslow...

Memaw Barbie said...

I'm begining to be a little worried about you!!! You are too funny.... Blessings

Memaw Barbie said...

By the way...did you check out the pic of Lorie's tattoo on my Chicago post? It was a blast. blessings

MAMA said...

I have wierd dreams too, but they are always about people I know.

I mean I have WIERD, WIERD dreams.

Last night I dreamed about my Mother, who later turned into my Grandmother. I had left my husband (don't ask which one) and was going to rent a room from her. Wht rent? Because the house was owned by friend Linda, who, by the way, was pregnant.

When I dream of Mama, she is always in the house where I grew up. Daddy is never there.


jennifer said...

No more chocolate at bedtime for you lady.

Lorie said...

I heard on a talk show that there had been a survey of women who carry little plastic Edwards in their purses that they have strange dreams that cannot be interpreted. Maybe that explains it. Keep your plastic Edward somewhere beside your purse and see if this helps.

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Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

LOL. At least Carl Winslow worked it. I am sure he was a calming spirit.

Tim said...

Hey there my friend!

I was just touching base with you. You havent posted in a while so I wanted to make sure all is ok. I pray that it is.

Love and Prayers,


Dawn said...

Hey... get off FB and get back to blogging. You're missed!!!