Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Comfort Zone


If you have read this blog very much, you know that I have a problem with the smell and clothes at the Thrift Store.  Well this weekend was "ServeNow" at our church.  This is our first year to do this.  We find places in the community to have the youth serve in some capacity or another.  Guess where I got to go help out at? 

The Rescue Mission Bargain Center

God was working on me here.  A place in my life that I am uncomfortable in, he places me in.  Now I am all for what they do there and the people that it helps, but the smell and the cooties.  It just gets me some times.

These were my tools of choice for the day.


Latex gloves and sanitizer


Lets take a look at some of the cootie filled departments that we helped with.





(I don't know about you, but buying drawers from the thrift store is WRONG!)


Now these girls got a big kick out of my cootie phobia.  They would bring random pieces of underwear to me and ask if they should purchase them.  Then, they did bring home a HUGE, like taller than me, Green Stuffed Monkey.  Oh the cooties that thing probably has.

Y'all want to know something.  God has a HUGE sense of humor.  Yep at one point HE was laughing hysterically at me.  We were helping to sort through new stuff that had just arrived and I picked up a bucket and asked "Where does this go?"  The guy helping us said "oh we throw those away that's a bucket from an adult potty chair."  Oh I get the creeps just writing that. 

Melinda found something I think she might want at the Bargain Center.  It was an old player piano.  She tried getting it to work, be we never got it too.

piano2 piano


We had everybody in that store trying to get it to work, but when you don't know anything about player piano's, its a little difficult to get them to work.

After we helped at the Bargain Center, we went and did yard work at some peoples houses around the neighborhood. 

Again God was probably laughing at me, because I got to use one of these for the first time.



I cleaned every thing from the driveway to the dog bowl with that leaf blower.  It was a blast! (get it a blast, blasting the leaf? Oh never mind)

When we went to the next house Melinda used the leaf blower.



Yes the girls started the leaf blower.  :)


When the day was over everyone was tired


We went and got cleaned up and then came back to the church for supper.

Walking Tacos!



We had a wonderful time all day.  Working for God, serving others, Worshiping with friends. Yep it was a great day. 

The fun did not stop there either, six of the girls came to stay at my house that night.  Before we go home though we pile into the cars and go to the ScareMare!  Whew that is another post altogether.  Imagine chainsaws, and screaming teenage girls!  It was great!



Holly said...

You crack me up!! I totally understand germ-o-phobe here! GOOD FOR YOU for going and serving anyway.

P.S. He loves you.. said...

I really do understand the thing on smells and underwear...what are people thinking donating that stuff?!

As for the blower I'm impressed!

Looks like a very full weekend!

marky said...

That leaf blower reminds me of something from Ghost Busters LOL!
I love thrift store shopping, but NO I would not buy my knickers from them! and the smell does bother me, and I wash my hands immediately.

Sandy Toes said...

So funny...the undies on the hanger is wrong...I hope they are new!!!

What a fun post!! U did have a great day!

-Sandy toes

Muthering Heights said...

Well, at least it was a growing experience!

Nik said...

Ugh! That smell gets to me too. I'm constantly asked if I want to work consignment sales and the thought makes me cringe!

However, I will have to give you kudos though - you did a lot of good work! YAY FOR YOU...and the girls are precious!

D... said...

Um, one should NEVER EVER donate undies. Ick! I'm sorry you had to be subjected to that. Otherwise, it sounds like a perfect day. That walking taco looks yummy too. I've never heard of it.

Southerner said...

First, that glove is pointing at something- do you know what it is. Oh, maybe it is saying "You're number 1"
Second, that girl with Sydney looks just like a young you! I thought it was a Fro picture but then looked and saw Sydney.

And, no we didn't play your school. We played Austin in Decatur. We played y'all a few games ago and we won. My husband was a football official in Florida and had a real hard time with the officials at the game the other day. They moved the spots and were not there to make calls. He started yelling and embarrased me.

Rhea said...

You've been a busy girl!! But very helpful to others. I'm impressed.

I do think it's just wrong to giveaway underwear and resell it. GROSS!!!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

What a Wonderful thing you did! I don't blame you for the gloves....The drawers! No comment! :)

Tammy said...

Girl, you know how I feel about the thrift store.....that's one place you will never run in to me!!

Not enough hot water and bleach for the place. Oh, I don't mind dropping it all off, but not staying.

Life on the farm... said...

I'm with you on the smell thing.... and the cooties... but you all were such good sports!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

This is so funny, I was just at our local consignment shop today! I'm a consigner as well and made $60 yippie!! They are very picky about their clothing; no cig smell on the clothing or stains,etc. and it doesn't smell like feet & B.O. when you walk in! That's always a bonus!

haleybailey said...

Hey Valerie Lea!! I just love saying names that rhyme!! Imagine that!! I'm new to following your blog but absolutely love it!! I too am a misplaced Tennessean (sadly I was misplaced up north and now call Ohio home - but I do love it here - just miss the accents, warmer weather and of course the food!) What part of Tennessee to you call home? I grew up in Waverly - just about 90 minutes West of Nashville (directly on the West TN border!)

Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your blog!!

Mom On A Mission said...

Right before I read this post I had told Derrick the story of you and thrift stores because a friend of mine bought a Spanx off of Ebay and I thought that was gross. I said it was about as risky as buying underwear from the thrift store. How crazy!

jennifer said...

Loved this post and all of the pictures (especially the "wrong! wrong! wrong!"). God has a way of pulling us out and dealing with us in a really personal way.

And I LOVE the idea of the walking Taco. Yeah, I'll be doin' it.

Brandi said...

NOT FAIR! I knew I should have signed up to help! I would have loved picking on you at the cootie shop! LOL
The girls look so sweet in those pics, all of them!
You rocked the goggles in the leave blowing pic!

Birdie said...

Way to help out Valarie! And you looked so powerful in the blower too *L* I'm actually kinda jealous of your humongous thrift store. Wanna trade?