Friday, October 10, 2008



One of the many things we did at The Grand Marriott was fish.  Ok let me back up, I did not fish, I took pictures of the fish.  :)

If you remember from a previous post our room looked right out onto the pier.


This was actually so fun and relaxing, we could just sit on our balcony and watch the guys and the kids fish.  The Grand provides cane poles and fresh bait a/k/a squid for you to use.  So don't worry that you did not bring your own pole, you can use theirs.

We had our own pole though, not because we brought them, but because we had to go buy us a new one.  (Don't tell me men don't need an excuse to shop)



Lets go fishing......


Anna & Syd



A.C. getting a fish off his line



Syd and one of her big catches!

Let me show you something that everyone was catching. 


This is some freaky kind of vampire trout.  At least that's what we called it.

At one point my precious daughter was trying to bring one in with a cane pole and jerked it up out of the water.  All I heard was watch out, and as I turned my head, she hit me with one of those fish.    I think she meant to do it.


One other crazy thing that was caught, was an eel!! 



He just happened to be swimming by and got caught up in the line.  He is an evil looking thing!


Big Logan caught this next little fish and decided to use it as bait.


Lil Logan was a getting bit whiny (imagine that) so I went and put him in the bed.  A little while later I here knocking at the door.  I go answer it thinking it was probably Syd.  A.C. was at the door and said get your camera you have to come see this.  We jump out of the bed and go to see this....


Big Logan had caught this with that fishy he had caught earlier.  By this time Lil Logan was awake and wanting to go back out there so I let him.  About 30 minutes later, a get a knock at the door.  A.C. and Logan had brought me this.....


They had found another crab! 

We had so much fun out on the pier every night.  It was a great time for some family fun!  Its an experience I hope they remember forever.  :)



Muthering Heights said...

Gross, that "vampire trout" is scary looking!

Life on the farm... said...

umm I'm outta here fish with TEETH, and an eel.... I would have ran ran

Leigh said...

oh, I so wish I were there. I would be fishing!

Lisa said...

What a great memory making trip!! And, yeah.. that "vampire trout" is kinda freaky looking.

Cents To Save

Carrie said...

I love to fish but I would be scared of the eel! Looks like yall have lots of fun!

mah-meeee said...

ok, that vampire trout scares me.

looked like a fun trip!

Misty said...

Looks like so much fun! I giggled a little at you getting hit with the fish. :-) sorry! I wear sunglasses and a hat when we take the kids as a little added protection against such occurances. (My fishing would be over with the eel. Looks too much like a snake. ugh!)

The Southern Mom said...

Ewwww...slimy eels and fish with teeth? Unh uh! No ma'am!

MedStudentWife said...


D... said...

Great times! Except for the vampire fish. Ick!

Juju said...

Can't say that we have caught anything like that over at the lake. Those are freaky little water creatures. Missed you at the T Party last night. She fixed us some yummy dishes.
Great ides for decorating with candy corn and such. I believe I can do it too!
Love you

P.S. He loves you... said...

those times are the best..I set up something simular for our family next week during Fall break!

Great photos and cool blue crab!

Woman said...

crabs freak me out!

Mom On A Mission said...

Yuck...I can't stand fish. Your kids and my kids are cool b/c they fish.

We got Abigail's hair cut while in the States. It's right above her shoulders. It's so much easier to brush and wash. I love her w/ long hair until I have to fix it. So until she can fix it herself, it's going to be short.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Looks like great fun. That salt water sure produces different creatures than I'm used to here in Wisconsin! :)

jennifer said...

We are just SO much alike! I have my post for tomorrow scheduled and it it about fishing!!! What a hoot!

We got out and rode around today and found The Grand. That area is SO NICE!!!! We rode all through Fairhope and I saw so many spots that I would like to take the kids photographs. They weren't dressed for that today.

I hope that you have a great week next week.

Jen... whose computer is STILL not healthy.

Joy said...

Looks like a fun time! You sure caught some interesting critters.

Rhea said...

Night fishing is awesome! That vampire trout is FREAKY looking as is the eel. ewww!!

gabriel said...

My favorite is the pixelated shirt. I can just barely make out that it says........... :-)

Anonymous said...

its sydney :) okay for one mother i was not using a cane pole when i slung that fish on you.i was using my blue fishin pole i got dad to get me! :):) anywho the vampire fish was very scary and i hated catching them and getting them i basicaly caught them and my best friend bran got them off for me :)