Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leaf blower Huh?



A couple of  weeks ago I did a post, that ended with some pictures my sister had taken of me.  Pictures using a leaf blower.

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Several people mentioned maybe needing to use a leaf blower in their pictures, so I thought I would give you a little insight on picture taking with a leaf blower.


Mama's birthday was on the 29th, so we celebrated it up at the photography studio my sister Deta has.  (There are several stories coming from this shin dig, so this is one of many)  Rundown of people there.  Mama, Me, Lisa, Robin, Deta, Kristi (Lisa's BFF), and Syd. 

During the course of the evening Deta started taking pictures of the others there, with the leaf blower.   The following pictures were not taken by Deta, but rather by anyone who got my camera at any given moment.

First Kristi was up......


She was not to sure about this whole process.....


Me checking out the picture......


I like it, I really really like it!!!!!!

Deta started doing some pictures of her with out the leaf blower, so since I was holder of the leaf blower I started practicing on Robin.



Then the leaf blower turned on me....


I must say its a good way to get a face lift for a moment.


Robins turn...


Lisa giving the stinkeye to someone  :).......


Then it came time for Mama's turn (syd got tired of waiting).....


While Mama was sitting in the chair (not that one up there) waiting to get her picture taken, the unthinkable happened.  The boom light with the 15 pound weight on it, that we used for lighting fell over onto Mama's head!!!!!


She had a big ole' goose egg going on. 

She had also just gotten her hair done that day, and I believe that's what saved her from being hurt any worse than she was.  Because her hair was not moving.  I think the boom light just bounced right off.


Deta felt so bad... :(


But Mama said don't worry about it I am fine!!  :)


Moral of the story, leaf blowers can be fun to play with, but stay away from boom lights.




Carrie said...

thats so funny!

Muthering Heights said...

Your poor mom! She looks like such a good sport though. :)