Monday, September 29, 2008


Tonight there was a fundraiser's held all over the country at Chili's restaurants. The fund raiser was being held for St. Jude's. All proceed taken in tonight were donated to St. Jude's Children's hospital.

We have a special little boy that goes to our church that went to St. Jude's. His name is Hunter. Please click on his name and go read his story. Today he is cancer free. The work that St. Jude's does is so awesome. They have helped so many lives.

At the Chili's I went to tonight, there were some very famous guest's that arrived to support the cause.


In case you don't recognize them, that's Lucy and Ethel with the manager of Chili's, Donny , A/K/A MeMe Lorie's Son-in-Love.

Oh they had a big time those two. They went around talking to everyone.


They even sang Karaoke! You will not believe what they sang. "Its My Party" by Lesley Gore. Lucy was told by Ricky not to sing, so she got away with this by having Ethel Sing and she just threw in a cry or two at the chorus. Lots of Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa's.

Now Hunter though, he sang some Karaoke! They sang "Who let the Dogs Out", Hunter is the little Cutie up front.


Now I know from first hand account that is took Ethel a little bit to get ready. She was having a very difficult time, until Lucy came along. She was having a really bad hair day and was looking a bit more like a really messed up Marilyn Monroe more than Ethel.


At one point she even seemed to be looking a bit like Barbara Bush. It was a very scary sight. Then Lucy got there and started fixing Ethel's hair for her.


Here they are trying to decide what kind of jewelry to put on.


Overall it was a terrific evening, even if Ethel looked like Barbara Bush, or a really messed up Marilyn Monroe. I can't wait to find out how much money our Chili's raised this year.

Hmmmm, I wonder where Lucy and Ethel will show up next?? All I know is before they show up anywhere Ethel needs to get her hair done, its looking pretty bad. No offense Ethel. :)'


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Porch Decor


This weekend I have been working on my fall decorations for outside.  My friend Dana had asked what to do on her front porch, and I suggested pumpkin topiaries.  I like the idea so much, I decided to do some of my own.  That would be why I bought the mess of pumpkins the other day.  :)


I started looking for some urns to put them in, but I did not want to spend a lot of money.  Then I remembered I had two flower pots I had not used yet, and figured they might work.


Of course I did not like the color for what I was doing, so I painted them black. 


After this was done, I started thinking about what I was going to sit the pumpkins on.  I couldn't  just sit them down in the planters, and I needed something stable to glue them on.  The hunt is on....

Let me take you into a scary scary place. 

Logan's workshop/ catch all/ home of many spiders!


Speaking of spiders look at this guy!


He is pretty creepy looking, to be one of the good kind.  :[

Anyway lets go in....


Scary, scary place...  Lets see if we can find anything that might work to sit the pumpkins on.

DSC_0179 Ooooo what's this?  I can't use them now, but I have something in mind for them later.


Jack Pot!  I can use these tiles!  I can sit them down in the pot and they can hold the pumpkins.  Lets try it out.....DSC_0182

Rats!!!  They are to big.  Lets keep looking.....

I forgot I had these they might just work...


They are plant stands that I found at the Dollar General store about two summers ago.


Well look at that.  They fit right down in there and the little legs make for an interesting little decoration.

Let's go put this thing together.


First I needed to cut a hole in the bottom of the smaller pumpkins.  This way they would sit on top of each other with out being lopsided.


Once I got the hole cut out, I hot glued the larger pumpkin to the plant stand. Then I hot glued the smaller pumpkins on top of each other, and then to the larger pumpkin.  Stacking like this....


Oh you might be wondering how I am going to keep the pots weighted down.

I used something that I have not used in a while.


I sure do hope 8 pound dumbbells will keep them from turning over.  :)

Once I got them all into place.  I added some fall decoration to them.


Here is the finished product......


DSC_0379 DSC_0380

Not bad for my first attempt at them.  Hopefully they don't look too awful cheesy or anything.  I did add a lot of P.O.O.P.I.E onto them.  If you don't know what that is go over to The Nester's site and she will explain.  :)

More fall outdoor decorating to come!  Next up pumpkin topiary number 3 with a kick!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

How are you not sick?

My son, how he can eat all these and not get sick.


No they are not grapes. They are muscadines. A cousin to the grape. Don't know what those are? Click that link and it will tell you. (I know I am being lazy)

This amount up there is small compared to what he normally will eat. Actually I think the jar was full. He just goes and picks them and eats them. I don't even think we have been able to put any up because he eats them so fast.

Logan how do you eat a muscadine? (I called him on the phone just now and asked him)


Logan: You bite the biggest littelish circle and then.......



...... you squeeze it into your mouth.

Well that explained it to me how about ya'll.




Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fro Me to You - One of these things is not like the other


For all these years I have looked at these next pictures and questioned, why do I have so many of the same picture.  Well low and behold they are different.

Lets take a look shall we.




Further examination reveals the following:




Robin did you take these pictures?

Does anybody remember getting clothes at the Merry-Go-Round?  That is where I got the supercute I.O.U sweatshirt.  It replaced the "Guess" sweatshirt as my favorite.  Does anybody remember I.O.U?  I also remember that on that right sleeve, was red spray paint from a science project.  I was so mad about that.

Next week hopefully I will have been able to raid the pictures at my Momma's house.  Momma go pull the boxes out.  Everybody say Hi to my Momma, she reads my blog and every now and again she might just comment.  Anyway I have just about gone through all my pictures here.  I know sad isn't it.

For more walks down memory lane go visit Kristen over at We are THAT family, you wont be sorry.  :)




Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well look at that


The other day  I posted about making something that was not very pretty, into something beautiful.  I have been trying to see beyond the outer appearance of certain items.  Trying not to judge it by its ugly facade.

I have been wanting some birds, like I have been seeing on other people blogs.  Ya know the little birds that just tuck into little spaces, or might sit in a little nest under a little dome of glass.  Birds sorta like this....


Well not exactly like this but close.  Anyway as luck would have it, Valarie want's something, and she can't find any.  So what is a girl to do.  Well about 9 months ago I probably would have just said "well darn it all".  That is not the case today.  Today I have information at my fingertips, I have the blog world.  Blog world has taught me about a wondrous thing called spray paint, and it is amazing.  As I was walking through my nifty dollar tree the other day I found these little guys.



Let me just say they do not match the decorations in my house, and they kept looking at me.  See that gray one?  Yeah he sorta is creeping me out.  So I got me some spray paint and my trusty assistant and we went to town.  Well actually we just went to the backyard, but we went to town on the birds.  :)


Do  you see that?  They are staring right at me.  I think they know what's coming.


Leroy was quite interested in what was going on.


First we took some gray primer and sprayed on the little boogers.




After that dries a bit, get some satin ivory spray paint and give them another coat with that.


And there you go.  Cute ivory colored birds.  The cool thing that happened with these birds that I did not expect, was the gray primer peeked through just a bit in some spots.  It turned out ok, because they look a little weathered.  Now yesterday I found some little birds at Old Time Pottery for about $2.00.  I would say you could just go get some of those, but I realized from you comments on the previous post, that ya'll may not have access to one.  So if you have access to a dollar tree, you can do this for about $1.00 a bird.

When I get everything put out, I will take pictures and show you.