Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mic check 2 - 1 - this thing on???

Well I have been MIA since July 28, here it is 3 months later.....

I wonder if people will remember me, if they will even care. Did you take me off your blog roll????

Ya see I have this problem, its called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. What?? When did I get diagnosed with that?? Oh I haven't been, I sorta diagnosed myself. :) Ya see I tend to compulse over random things and then I don't finish them. This is my list.....

Cross Stitching....I have like 5 projects that have been trying to get completed since 1992. I wonder if my sister still wants those bears I was working on....

Exercising....Yeah that is an ongoing on again off again love affair...sigh

House Work....ok yeah so I never am compulsive about that

TuTus.....yes I now make tutus and I have a lot of Tulle and not a lot of tutus finished. Now I finished the ones that were ordered, but the ones in my head, yeah they are still there.... many to list. My craft room is now the crap room.

Cooking....Oh I was gonna cook a lot of stuff....I have the recipes does that count??

Redoing Furniture....My garage is running over with stuff I thought I would "re-do"

Twilight.......Still obsessed :)

Blogging....My sister said I would not keep it up....she was right. I did make it a year and then something happened. Stupid Facebook....:(

So this is my attempt to get back on the horse! I am want to blog again! I want to feel the wind on my fingertips as I type feverishly on the keyboard. So this is where you come in. If you are my friend on FB you my lucky one get to hold me accountable! You get to say, " I better see a post from you today, and I mean Stat!" So are ya gonna do it??? Are ya gonna help me????? Pretty Please with Sugar on top?????

Oh and just so you remember me and what I look like, this is me.....


Yeah more on that outfit later.....I need something to blog about. :)