Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drum Roll Please......

Jules from "The Roost" is having a little New Years Eve Party!!

A count down to the New Year!

Make a Top Ten of your favorite pictures, post, or videos of 2008.

So here we go my Top 10 photos of 2008 and the links to the post they go with. :)

Top Ten photos of 2008

10. Little Logan explains the meaning of life over marshmallows..


9. There is a tie on this one...

Duck poops on back steps..... ( I thought it might be big foot)



Cow falls in pool


8. Kissy Fish....


7. Wow this makes me look really skinny! I need to live in a bubble :)....


6. Barbie's or Diva's you choose....


5. Syd cut her hair off for Locks of Love


4. Jessie's Graduation....


3. Kung Fu Fighting....


2. Trunk or Treat 2008....


And the number 1 photo or photos of 2008!!!!!

1. Big Head Little Body!!!!!

jess syd

LL val

robin lisa

Yeah for the Top 10!!!!

Phew!!! That was hard though! I have so many that would have easily made this list, but then this would be the longest post in creation.

I wonder what will be in store for 2009?????


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh My GOSH!!!!!!

This is the best stuff EVER!!!!!!

I know this is possibly a little late notice on this recipe, but you may still have time to run out and get the ingredients, or you have the ingredients.  Either way you need to make this stuff.

I have made it twice already since Christmas Eve! Yes its that good!  I have had my fill of it though and it is now not on my "alternate eating plan".  No that consists of carrots and green leafy things.  :[

Anyway back to the best stuff ever!!!!

~If you already know about this stuff don't rain on my parade, just tell me how wonderful this sounds and thank me for giving you the recipe.~

I got this from my friend Lisa (Lisa comment already) who got it from our other friend Misty, who got it from somebody else at a Relay for Life thing.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

9 x 13 pan

2 cream cheese (softened)

1 cup of ranch dressing

You can use store bought, but if you want the best make your own ranch!

about 3 1/2 chicken breast cooked and shredded

buffalo wing sauce

(You can buy it or make your own.  I make my own)

To make the buffalo wing sauce I just take Hot Sauce and melt butter into it.  Unfortunately I can't give you specific measurements.  I just put what feels right.  :)

Cheese (Cheddar and Monterey Jack, or whatever kind floats your boat)


Boil the chicken


Mix the cream cheese and the ranch


Put in the bottom of the pan


Eat a chocolate chip cookie that just came out of the oven  :)


Make your Buffalo Wing sauce if you go that route. 

Its about a cup of hot sauce to a 1/2 stick of butter.  I think  :)


Mix shredded chicken and buffalo wing sauce together.


Spread on top of cream cheese and ranch


(Sorry I got a little ahead of myself here.  Just forget you saw the cheese on here yet.)

Ok now add the cheese


Put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes


Or until it looks like this


Eat with corn chips or tortilla chips.

If you like buffalo chicken, you are gonna LOVE this!  If you want people to Ooo and ahhh over your cooking, make this!!!!  It is the perfect thing to take to a New Years Eve Party. 


Monday, December 29, 2008

World Tour


RockBand, excuse me I mean Guitar Hero World Tour has taken over our household.  Right now as I am typing Syd is playing AGAIN, and if Jessie were here she would be playing too.

Here are some random pictures of the new phenomenon.

DSC_0502  DSC_0504



DSC_0522 DSC_0529

This evening was no different.    I come home from work and Syd starts playing the thing.


Only tonight the area she was playing in was occupied by some Lego enemy forces...


She apparently got to close, because this innocent face playing quietly with his legos.....


Did this........

SYDLOGAN Right hook miss....SYDLOGAN2 Spear, full contact.....

I think the graphics on the Guitar Hero have something to do with it, I think it can cause random violence in 8 year old boys....




I also think it mesmerizes 14 year old girls into playing 14 out of 24 hours a day,  the other 10 are spent sleeping.   As we speak she just finished the last of all the gigs on the World Tour, we just got the thing Thursday!  She has been playing just a weeee bit much!


Just a theory....


Sunday, December 28, 2008


Some of you will be able to relate.  Some of you may just be in denial.  Some of you will have NO idea what I am talking about.

When you have girls and then a boy, well I think its a little different.  You are used to girls. Girls who want to smell good.  Who want to look pretty and cute.  Who care about what there room looks like.  Hahahaha ok, ok, I am joking on that last one.  The girls room is a mess!

L.L. on the other hand well he is just a mess. Fights to get him in the bath.  In the summer he thinks swimming in the pool is a bath.  He would wear the same clothes everyday if we let him.  Now I will give him this, He does like to smell good when he goes places.  He likes to get into his Dads Ralph Lauren Cologne, and smell good for the girls. His words not mine. 

His room, Its a war zone, literally.  Little army men set up strategically to pierce the foot of any approaching enemy.  Lego warriors, tanks,  and planes scouting the perimeter of the room.  Guarding from the sisters and the dog, who might be looking for the stash of candy that is hidden on top of the bunk bed and inside the video rocker chair (because it now has a split in the middle of it from repeated abuse by L.L. himself).

Sometimes you just have enough of the messiness of it all.  Like when you can smell strange smells coming out of the room.   I am there, I have had enough.  So I sent him and his Daddy into the pit to clean it up.  So far I have seen B.L. come out with 6 glass Coca-Cola bottles left from Christmas, 3 cereal bowls with cereal still in them, 2 plates, and numerous candy wrappers.  They may be in there awhile.

L.L. came out at minute ago and had this to say, now remember he is 8....

L.L: "Mom I don't understand why you want my room clean?  I want to live like a pig."

Me: " You are not going to live like a pig"

L.L: "Why"

Me:  (classic Mommy response) "Because I am the Mom and you are the kid and I said so"

L.L. " I am not a kid, I am a small person and I can live like a pig if I want to, and pigs are cute.


Yes Little Logan they are cute, but you are still not going to live like one.  :)


Friday, December 26, 2008

Would you look at what Santa Brought......

Christmas morning started as usual, but usual in our house is not like everyone else's.  My kids would still sleep until 10:00 a.m. even if its Christmas morning.  Yes they are excited that it is Christmas, but they also like their sleep, even Little Logan.  Actually this year Big Logan got up before everyone else and then had to wake us up because he was bored.  

So where was I, Oh yeah Christmas as usual. 


Syd on the couch still not awake......



She was told of a note on the tree for her....


So she runs to the Pantry.........


(I think she thinks its Pop-Tarts!)


Hello, Edward!!!!!!!


I hear you asked for me for Christmas :)


YES!!! YES I DID!!!!!!!!!!




Edward watched us open the rest of the presents, and all was good until........


Someone got a whiff  of the "smelly" vampire.   Cannon is a descendent of wolves and werewolves, so he was not happy.  I think the vents must have come on, because he did not even notice he was here until after about 30 minutes of Edward being there.


Syd is trying to explain to Cannon, that Edward is now part of the family.  That they need to get along.  Even though it is not easy for vampires and werewolves to co-exist he needs to try for the family.  :)



He ain't buying it......


He has gotten used to Edward though.  He doesn't bark at him near as much as he did in the beginning.

Edward likes to join in on family activities.  Right now Rock band (more on that later) is a big thing at our house.


(Notice that it is now dark outside, and she still has not changed clothes.  She has been there playing Rock band alllllllllll day long.)




It is sort of funny though, ever so often you will be walking through the house and catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of your eye, and he will scare the snot out of you.  Syd likes to set him up strategically to catch you off guard.  Like right inside her bedroom door so when Jessie comes home in the middle of the night, he is standing there waiting.    Ya know cause he never sleeps.  :)

I hope Santa was good to you, and I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas!