Friday, May 2, 2008

Beautiful Lengths

Today we are going to talk about hair. My little darling of girl Sydney has been going back and forth as to whether or not she wants to cut her hair. Sometime last year in the fall she made the decision that she wanted to donate her hair towards the end of the school year. So yesterday she has a hair appointment and I didn't think anything else about the fact that she said she had wanted to cut her hair. Well she said she wanted to cut it, but I don't think she was ready for the emotional drama to follow.

Here she is before we get it cut. Would you look at all that hair.

Then Kim put it in a pony tail.

And her she is cutting it. Notice Sydney trying not to look.

This is what we got. Its about 9 1/2 inches of hair.

Yall bless her heart when she got back from getting shampooed, the waterworks started.

I told her she was about to make me cry. It was very hard not to get emotional when my little girl is upset. She has had that hair forever. She had asked to have it cut before, but I wouldn't let her. Since this was such a good cause I gave in. So now some little girl or young lady, or a beautiful woman who has lost their hair from Chemotherapy, will be able to walk a little taller with the wig they will recieve from Syds hair.

So this is the final result, she was still getting upset anytime someone talked to her about it. I told her that her hair did not make her Sydney, and that her hair would grow back. Just remember that she is helping someone in the process.

No one even knew she was getting this done so needless to say this was quite a surprise to everyone. So I have included some pictures of the reactions she got.

(sorry about it being fuzzy)

(this is her friend giving her a "good job")

(Jessi & Syd)




(Her Daddy did not know what to say)

(I think this is one of my favorites)

So all of that said, we are sending her hair of to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths. If you have been thinking of getting a new do, and have really long hair consider doing this. It will help someone regain their confidence. Even if you don't have long hair, you can consider growing it out and then donating it.

One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime* and nearly 60% of women regard hair loss as the single worst side effect of cancer treatment.**
*Cancer Facts & Figures 2007, American Cancer Society.**Cancer Practice: Journal of the American Cancer Society, November 2001.

Now go on over to Fussy's place and visit all the other lovely ladys that are fighting the frump today. :)



Anonymous said...

Oh the new cut is SO cute! It makes her look more hip! LOVE IT! I've had lots of students do speeches on locks of love so I really am passionate about this topic. Good job. Her hair will always grow back, theres might never.

Dawn said...

I love Sydney's new cut! (Plug your ears Mom...) It makes you look so much more grown up!!! (Unplug now, Mom.)

My daughter did this same thing when she was in first grade! She has the thickest hair ever and it was all the way down to her behind and she cut it up to her shoulders. Shocking! But, we all took comfort in the fact that someone else was going to look beautiful in those thick curls!

I'd high five you if I could, Syd! You will be blessed for your sacrifice!!!

Alicia said...

She looks beautiful, and that was such a giving thing to do.

Lisa said...

It looks awesome Sydney! Good for you for doing something nice for others. You look great!

Love, Lisa

Mike Golch said...

Hats off to all that participate in the locks for love,as one commentator said theirs may not grow back.Blessing.

Vader's Mom said...

It's beautiful Syd!! I love the new haircut :)

Of course, my favorite picture would have to be of Aunt T (didn't want to write that whole name out and give the farm away) And don't tell her I said this, but that's the "granny face".

Birdie said...

what a wonderful thing to do!
I was going to tell you that I wasn't able to copy that link at all. Itw as soo long too that I was too lazy to write it all out. All you have to do is tell me the name of the shoes and the color - that's it *s* Contest ends tomorrow!

Valarie said...

It's adorable! She looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! Luv the new haircut!

jessica said...

she looks really pretty

Dawn said...

New post with pics from BFF's visit now posted. Come visit! Blessings! Dawn

Suzanne said...

This made ME cry. You must be a very good mom to raise a daughter who would do this--so I am giving you credit too.

ps found you through Marcy's site and have enjoyed getting to know you...

Kimmie said...

Sydney...Big Hugs To YOU!!! What an amazing thing for you to do. Locks of Love is such a wonderful organization. Your sacrafice will bring much happiness to another persons life. God is shining a great big smile upon you honey. look very stylish with your new 'do'! :-) I love it!

Valerie...your daughter has a beautiful heart! You must be so proud. I was very moved with this story today. Thank You for sharing it with us.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

She looks GORGEOUS. What a girl.

Tanja said...

Oh, thanks so much for sharing this, too. I think I'm your newest blog stalker. I showed this whole thing to my 5-year-old daughter, who is considering the same thing. Just helps her to see a young girl doing it. Super cute cut.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

You must be sooo proud of your beautiful daughter. The new do is very cute & stylish and looks great. She must have felt very emotional while getting it was so long!

I donated my hair to Locks of Love several years ago and felt blessed to be able to help others in need.
Hugs, DebraK

Sarah said...

How cute! She looks great!

Have a great weekend!

Judy@In His Grip said...

She looks so grown up. Both of my daughters have done this and they just don't look like my babies anymore. Okay, they are 20 and 18 now, but still my babies.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful, generous young woman you are raising! I love this post!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Your daughters hair looks sooooooo
cute. My little 6 year old just cut her hair to give to locks of love. I think it was harder on me then it was on hair. I could'nt watch.

Glenda said...

What a wonderful thing to stumble on. This is my first visit to your site.
She was very brave. Beautiful hair that someone else will say is their crowning glory.
Well done.


EMama said...

That cut is gorgeous! She looks so sophisticated now.

jennifer said...

She looks more grown up! Oh no, you've let Syd grow up! I mean yesterday she was this pretty young girl with long long hair, and now she is this hip mini adult.

Sorry, I have to have a minute.....

So pretty.


mah-meeee said...

she looks great with a shorter cut too! that's a great thing she is doing for those that needs her hair.

she looks beautiful!

ValleyGirl said...

You must be so proud of her!! She's a very beautiful girl ~ inside and out ~ with long or short hair. Her selfless sacrifice is downright humbling. I know a couple of young ladies who've done this in the recent past and I'm just so incredibly impressed by their generosity and sensitivity.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Oh, when I first started reading, I thought, I hope she's donating her hair somewhere, and she is! Way to go.

I think she looks beautiful, and so grownup. (which is good and bad, for mom, anyway).

Love the picture with her little brother(?). What a beautiful family!

Courtney Beddingfield said...

It really looks cute! She was brave :) My sister did that a few years ago for Locks of Love. Her hair grew back very fast.

Family O'Foxes said...

your post is so timely. my 11 year old is trying to grow out her hair to donate. I was actually suppose to look up locks of love for her last night. So, I'm glad you posted a link on here.

she almost has 8 inches at the nape of her neck but her hair is going to be short.

your daughter looks so fresh and hip with her new style. i love it.