Friday, May 23, 2008

Fight the Frump - Curly Q


Last week we talked about hair care in general and its importance. This week I want to break it down a bit. I want to talk to you about naturally curly hair. Now if you have stick straight hair like me you may be going great a tip I can't even use, but I'm sure you know someone who has curly hair who can use this advice.

Let me introduce you all to my younger sister Robin. This is Robin back in the day, holding our baby cousin Justin. Justin is graduating High School tomorrow night. I am telling you these kids are growing up to fast.

(Note if I never blog on here again its because she has killed me)


Robin has always had a problem with curly hair. Why I can remember when we were just youngens growing up near the hollers of TN (if you don't know what a holler is let me know I will explain) , I used to love to show of Robins curly hair. I had straight as a board hair. I had to pay for my curls. So I loved playing with her curls and since she was younger than me I made her let me show them off to random people. Like say in the middle of a grocery store if someone commented on her hair, I would make her flip her head over to revel her little curly q's she had.

She was always complaining about how she hated her hair. Do all curly headed people do this? Complain about their curly hair? Anyway when she was younger it did get quite frizzy on top. She had a natural fro thing going. So she has always hated the frizziness that is her hair. Well on day out Sister Lisa got her and my other sister Deta a book on Curly hair. It was called "Curly Girl".


If you have curly hair I suggest you go get it. It changed Robins life, really it did. Let me just tell you one thing that she does that actually had me a little weirded out.

SHE DOES NOT WASH HER HAIR WITH SHAMPOO!!! Yep you heard me, or actually read me, she does not use shampoo. I think within the last 9 months, she has probably only washed her hair with shampoo when she went to the salon.

This is what she does. She washes with conditioner only. Apparently it contains enough soap to keep your scalp clean. Shampoo contains alcohol and alcohol dries out your curly hair, thus causing frizzies.

So she washes with the conditioner on her scalp and then runs conditioner through the rest of her hair. Then she rinses, and this is another key to curly hair, with luke warm water. Hot water will cause frizzies. Then she does not wrap a towel around her head. She scrunches her hair with the towel to get the water out. Then she adds her product to her hair and lets it dry natural if possible and does not run here fingers through it if at all possible. She will use a defuser on the hairdryer if she is in a hurry.

Now me being the loving sister that I am, I check her pretty much every time I see her. I will look at her scalp to make sure she doesn't have cooties, and I smell it to make sure it smells clean. So far no cooties and her hair smells pretty darn good.

If I had curly hair this is what I would be doing, because her hair has never looked better.


Oh and Robin wanted me to tell you about the time I got this great idea from TEEN magazine. They were showing you how to trim the dead ends off your hair by flipping your head over and putting it into a ponytail on the very top of your head. Then you were suppose to snip about 1/4 inch of hair off the tips. So I convinced Robin to let me try it out on her. Well let me just say this little trick does not work so well on curly hair. :o)

For more Frump Fighting tips head on over to Fussy's, I am sure you will get more wonderful advice, from some wonderful Ladies.


Kelsey Smith said...

Awesome post I will have to pass this on!

jennifer said...

This is so TIMELY! My oldest daughter has LONG THICK hair. But it is starting to curl some. The weight of it keeps it straight, but the hair around her face and the breakage on the top layer (pony tails and flops) curl. So she has long thick straight hair with a layer of frizz on top.

I have thought about getting it cut, having it permed, but these don't seem like the right thing for her, LOW maintenance girl that she is (YEP! Another frumpster, just like her old Mom!).

We will try Sis' routine! All the reasons for the frizzy curls that you mentioned made a lot of sense.

Glad you have again, Got My Back!


jennifer said...

Oh, and start writing some of your prayers down. I think there will be a guest Blogger day on the new site......


Tipper said...

It is so true if you have straight hair you want curly-if you have curly hair you want straight. Neat tip for those who have curls.

It All Started With a Kiss said...

What a great post! I'm on a yahoo group and a bunch of woman were just discussing the no shampoo thing - It's actually quite common. Who knew?!

Meg said...

GREAT post, I will certainly pass this on to my sis...she has thick curly hair! THANKS sweetie!

ValleyGirl said...

Ms. Poker Straight here. Great tip though. Who'd have thought shampoo was the problem?!

Melody said...

I do not have curly hair, but my poor step-daughter does, and when she is here, I have NO idea how to deal with it - and the poor girl ends up with a French braid, or frizzy ponytails the whole trip!!

Crazy in Alabama said...

I will have to try this for days when I want to leave my hair curly. I always straigten it because it gets too frizzy when I don't. And I too hate my curly hair...but I have to say that since I have recently started to go bald, I have regretted hating my hair. Now all I want is for it to come back in so I don't look like I have a receeding hair line!! Any tips for a balding woman in her 20's (I'm not 30 yet so I can still say this even if it is midnight of the 20's!)

Darla said...

I have naturally curly hair too and inadvertantly thought a product was shampoo when it was really conditioner - I used it as a shampoo for 6 solid months (I'm an accident waiting to happen ;)before ever figuring it out. LOL! My hair looked great.

Michelle Smiles said...

Another woman whose blog I read has naturally curly hair and posted a few months ago that she only uses shampoo at the salon. I was so weired out...I thought about this every time I took a shower for a couple of weeks. But her photos always look great! My hair would look like a big old grease pit if I did that.

mah-meeee said...

ooo, great tip valerie! i have this frizzy fro thing going on every morning and seriously, growing up, i'd kill for stick straight hair!

i'm definitely going to try this conditioner thing and check out that book also!

great fight the frump post!

Dawn said...

A great, easy solution. I don't need it - but one of my best girl friends as curly, curly hair and I'll pass the suggestion on to her!

Blessings! Dawn

Michelle@Life with Three said...

That is some great information. I have friend who has curly hair, so I'll pass it on. As for me, my hair is stick straight. The only time it gets a "curl" in it is if I sleep on it wrong.

Family O'Foxes said...

my boy is the curly haired one...the rest of us have wave in our hair (which is frustrating because it can't make up its mind to be stick straight or curly).

wonder if they have a book called- curly haired boy... hee hee

He wants to grow it out like his friends (with straight hair)....but he is getting a fro.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm.....Never thought about not using shampoo- but I have fine hair- not a curl in sight-
I had a friend in high school who had the curliest hair ever- It wasn't real cute- but I never told her that- I think she knew it!

Missy said...

oh, great book...I've always longed for that gorgeous naturally curly hair. I have to settle for thick wavy hair...sigh.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

HRH said...

I need that book. My curly, I mean superfrizzy hair is out of control if I don't straighten it. And if I do straighten it and it photography allowed. *shudder*

I have started only washing twice a week, but I will try that conditioner thing. VERY INTERESTING.