Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, through my life crisis I was having. A lot of you have asked how she is doing and what any future plans are.

Well, I tried to get her to guest blog on here, but she said I could go ahead and just tell you all what you wanted to know.

Jessie did not go away on a graduation trip. We had thought about going to Jamaica or something, but it just did not come together. She would not have went down there by herself, though I would have went with her. Just cause she graduated does not make her a full fledged adult.

She will be attending a local college for about a semester and then she will hopefully be going into a radiology program for about 2 years. At that point she might look into going into an ultrasound program.

She will be working through out the summer and while she is going to school. If she gets into the radiology program she will not really be able to work, so she will not be leaving home anytime soon. (I am not ready for that yet)

So you want to know how she is doing?

She is almost ready to fly..................................



Lisa said...

Good one Valarie. Did you do these or did I? If I did them, did I not get any of them in focus????

Ranch Mommy said...

What a great post!! Good luck to your daughter in her new chapter of life!!

Mike Golch said...

Val,This is a great Post,My Sister felt the same way about my niece.
Best off wishes to you young lady on her career.

Dawn said...

Oh, I am so NOT ready for your stage of life yet. Thankfully, I have 3 more years.

Love the picture - she looks so free and happy! (The days after graduation will feel like that, won't they?!)

Blessings! Dawn

Vader's Mom said...

We are uber proud of her. She even has Jeff thinking of a career change!

HRH said...

That sounds like a really good plan. I am so glad things are working out.

Rhea said...

Great picture and great plan!

Tammy said...

Look how fun that is.. I need a swing like that in my back yard!

Kimmie said...

Oh how it makes our hearts flutter when our children spread their wings and get ready to fly on their own. She will make you proud. :-)

jennifer said...

I am proud of her. Sounds like she has it together.

And Valarie, I'm proud of you too. Very good mothering that you didn't send her off to PARTY at length (or Graduation Trip with friends). You, my dear, are a smart lady!