Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hijack from Lisa :)

Ok. All of y'all are mad at me now. Valarie can sometimes be too nosey for her own good. But just to keep the lynch mob from coming after me, I've offered Valarie one of the jadite bowls. You know what this means don't you? It means I won't have one at all now. Why? Its a well known fact about me. I can't stand for anyone to be left out. You see, Robin, our youngest sister will read this and might feel left out. So that means I will give her the remaining bowl. It always winds up like this.

(Deta, Jan, Marsha, Mama, etc, etc, etc, if you are reading this, please know that I am thinking about you too. I just have only two bowls to give out right now. Please don't feel left out.) :) Thank you very much.

Anyhoo. I get so dadgummed wrapped up in making sure everybody feels included. I think I need therapy.

Why am I telling y'all all this? Good grief. I do need therapy.

While I'm trying to reach Dr. Phil, I hope you enjoy these pictures from Jessie's graduation. Valarie was upstairs and I was downstairs. I snagged this picture of her and she didn't know it. I had y'all in mind at the time. Your welcome. :)

Oh...Valarie is off who knows where at a ball tournament. She said she'll be back soon. She was worried about y'all. Thats why I'm here. To babysit. :) :)

Can you find her? She's right in the middle.


Mike Golch said...

Nice posting.

jennifer said...

Y'all REALLY make me wish that had a sister. Love the way you love each other.


*Lisa.... when are you going to hijack MY blog?

Tipper said...

The sisters and their bowls-very cute-should I be glad I'm the only girl in my family of boys-naw I still wish I had a sister too!

Rhea said...

Great pictures from the graduation, and I love the one of Valarie too!

Valarie, you need to change your password, for goodness sakes! I'd get nervous letting my sister have all access...who knows what she might end up posting. hehe

That having been said, great post Lisa! Loved hearing from you.

marky said...

Great Graduation Pic!
that whole bowl thing is just hillarious!

Kimmie said...

Great Pictures! Happy Graduation!