Monday, May 26, 2008


Would you look at what made an appearance at Daddy's house today.......

(if your not sure what I am talking about go here)

Just so y'all know, Lisa had to leave Daddy's before me, and I had to bring her son and her potato salad home with me.

Well only the son and the contents of that bowl left my house when she came back to pick them up. She is such a nice sister like that.

I promise tomorrow there will be lots and lots to post about. I am about to go to bed though. After being gone all dad gum weekend my reader had about 50 post, I had to go through. (I didn't just want to hit mark as read or anything) So anyway I am tired, my house is a mess and I will resume all this again tomorrow.

Did y'all miss me, I missed y'all!


VENTL8R said...

Love the Blogger's Prayer!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the potato salad- looks good!

Kelsey said...

I love Potato salad!

VENTL8R said...

Perhaps I should re-read the Prayer again....stop by and see....*snicker*

Dawn said...

Glad you got the bowl! My sister and I "fight" over my mom's stuff, too.

Aren't sisters great?!

Blessings! Dawn

ValleyGirl said...

I'm assuming you're referring to the jadite ~ haha, nothing like rubbing it in, eh? I hope you had a great weekend, even though it sounds like it was busy.

jennifer said...

Do you really have to ask? YES! I missed ya.

Although Lisa and I are like this... X .... now. Buds.

Take care and I hope you get rested up this week.

I NEED an update on Jessica. Has she taken the world by storm yet? I wonder how weird she feels, knowing that she is a gen-U-wine ADULT now.

Maybe she should take a page from Syd's book? Hi-jack the blog and let us know?

I know! An ESSAY. A 500 word essay entitled "What I will do now that I am no longer in High School." Why don't you run that by her and see what she thinks?



Tipper said...

I think the bowl is going to turn into the "traveling pants bowl". It is very pretty-I have a white one just like it-from my husband's grandmother.

Rhea said...

Oh, oh, is that the jadite bowl stolen by Lisa in response to Pioneer Woman's blog?! How exciting! The infmaous bowl! lol I'm glad she gave it to you. That's so sweet!