Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hijack from Lisa...Happy Birthday Valarie!

Hey everybody in Bloggerville! Its Valarie's birthday! Yaaaayyyy! Woo Hoo! Blow the horns!

Valarie, we all love you so much! I'm proud to call you my sister. :) I know it probably seems to everyone in Bloggerville that we pick on each other a bunch, but we really know its all done in love. And so not to disappoint, I have made a birthday video for you. :)
P.S. These were the only pictures I had. :) I hope its not too traumatic for you. :) :)


Valarie said...

I love my sister, I love my sister, I love my sister just keep repeating, I love my sister!

By the way I am doing much better after my ear surgery. :0)

Kelsey Smith said...

Happy Birthday to her!

Tammy said...

Totally awesome. I love a good video montage, especially to the Facts of Life theme music.

Happy Birthday, Valarie!!!

(it's my brother's b'day too)

Dawn said...

Ear surgery? Did I miss something? I hope it wasn't from me singing "Happy Birthday" to you!!!

Happy birthday, again! (No song this time... just in case!) LOL

Blessings! Dawn

insane mama said...


carrie said...

Happy Birthday Valarie!

Meg said...

Happy Birthday SWEETIE!!!

Razor Family Farms said...

Happy Birthday, Valarie!!!

Many happy returns!


jennifer said...

Valarie *mmmf* that was so *snrk* just SO *snort* GREAT! You have always *hee hee* been so CUTE! Wow. Aren't you glad *HAH* to have a Sister to do that to you. I mean FOR you! *BWAHAHAHAHAH*

Happy Birthday Sweetie.

I hope at home you have celebrated your Birth Week. It was your RIGHT you know.

Please be sure to throw the Birthday Card in "It's my birthday, so you have to do this.."

Lovin' Ya Birthday Girl!


Vader's Mom said...

I agree. You are loved!!!

Happy Birthday

We are THAT Family said...

Hope your day is awesome! Have a wonderful birthday!

marky said...

Have a WONDERFUL day Valerie!!!

jennifer said...

*sing song voice*

Oh Miss VALARIE...

Come by my site, I've got a Birthday present for you....

I...went to....the William Shatner... School of Blogging..... and use of the {...}


P.S. He loves you... said...

Happy B~Day Blogsphere sista!

What a great sister you have!

Hope your day is filled to the brim with love and funnies!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Have a most wonderful birthday!

kari & kijsa

Crazy in Alabama said...

Happy Birthday Valarie! Glad you got those "matt ears" fixed!!!

gabriel said...

Happy Birthday, Val! Woo-hoo!

Cool video, Lisa. :-)

Kendra said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to You! :)

Hope your day is fabulous.

Valarie said...

I'm sorry that I missed saying it yesterday. I wasn't on the computer much. Sooooooooo...Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumpleanos!

~ Val

Kimmie said...


Sorry I'm a day late. I didn't go visiting yesterday, so I missed this post.

My wish is that you had a Wonderful Birthday! Your sister was a sweetie to make up that video for you. You were and still are beautiful and adorable! :-)
Hugs and Much Love,

Alisun said...

Happy Birthday!!
I like the video too.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Val, its time to change your password so sister dear can stop hijacking. :) haha

PS. I see you've had an ear-job?