Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is a big day, and I am very emotional about it. I can't believe its already here. Today my first born graduates. How are you supposed to feel with something like this. I'm happy she has made it thru, but am so sad that my baby, my little girl, the little one who was actually at my graduation, is now graduating herself. Its been a long journey, and now she is at the doorstep of this big bad world we live in. She is that much closer to being on her own and it's killing me. This has all happened to fast. Where did my little girl go??

Please let this load all the way before watching otherwise it will take away from the video.

If you would like to read more of our story with Jessie read here. :)

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Lisa said...

Hey Jessie, I'm so proud of you today and every day. I remember the day I found out your mama and daddy were going to have you. I remember the day you were born. I remember the day you turned three and it was time for your party to start. You were taking a nap at Grandmama's and I got to go wake you up for the party. That thrilled me cuz you were my buddy for the rest of the day. I remember the time I was going to try and teach you your colors. No matter what I did, I couldn't seem to get the "lesson" through your head. I just knew you were going to be learning disabled because you couldn't learn your colors. LOL! You had something to teach me that day though, because when I finally gave up and we just started coloring in the coloring book, I absent mindedly asked you for the blue crayon. You handed it to me. Hmmmm. That was suspicious. So I asked for another color, and another, and another. Turns out you already knew all of your colors. You were just playing me along!

I can't believe that little girl is now graduating high school. The time has flown by. I love you as much as I did the day of your three year old birthday party. Always know that if you need anything, I'm here. Really really.

Congratulations, Lisa

Meg said...

Jessie, congrats sweetie! Valerie, omygoodness, I cried through the whole thing! THAT was beautiful! It took me back to my own daughter's graduation. Thank you for sharing. It really made my day! Isn't life beautiful, even with pain of knowing our little ones are not so little anymore?

Vader's Mom said...

Valarie darling, making me cry first thing in the morning is not nice. I'm so very proud of not only Jessie but you & Logan. You've all been an inspiration to me and I love you all dearly.

Jessie - You are amazing. I'm so proud of everything you've already accomplished and I'm proud of the dreams you have for your future. I miss the days of being your buddy when I visited but I've loved watching you grow up. I hope that you know how much you've always meant to me. And thanks for singing me Achy Breaky Heart all those years always makes me smile now :) I Love You!

The Southern Mom said...

Oh my gosh...I'm writing this thru the tears (of course I cry at a drop of a hat...weddings, graduations, tv commercials!) She's so beautiful and I know you're so proud of her.

Congratulations, Jessie!

Crazy in Alabama said...

Valarie, that was a beautiful video. I am sitting at work crying like a baby! I have been crying all week because of sort of the same thing. I cannot believe that we are going to have high school girls next year! They have gotten too big too fast. I've got middle schoolers next year too. Where did the time go. I can remember like it was yesterday picking up both the twins and carrying them around. If I did that now, you'd have to come and visit me at the hospital. These are bittersweet times for sure.

Dawn said...

Valarie, what a beautiful tribute to Jessie! Your pride and "mama bear" definitely show through in this.

I don't even know Jess and I sat here and bawled in my coffee. Partly, because I'm approaching this stage of life all too quickly myself. Time sure flies when you have kids to measure it by.

Okay, I'm going to redo my makeup now.

Blessings! Dawn

P.S. He loves you... said...

Good job MOM!

Congrats to you, your hubs and of course the GRAD!

Raising Country Kids said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and you made me cry! No fair! Beautiful tribute to your "little" girl. I'm a short 8 years away from my firstborn's graduation, and I know it will fly by. Praying for strength for you to get through this transition in life!

jennifer said...

Well Honey, I think I will just sit here and cry with you for a little while. If I get shocked from tears hitting the computer, bring me a nice but bouquet of cut flowers in the hospital.

Lord, Valarie... I don't even know her but I'm sitting here sniffing and crying like she's mine. I am six years behind you with the graduation thing. I can see why this experience is bitter sweet.

BUT, I can tell you, there is something in that girl's eyes, something in her smile.... Jessie will be All Right Valarie. Better than All Right, I think God will protect and prosper her.

You've done good Valarie.


carrie said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!

I'll be thinking of you both today - it'll be okay! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job on the slide show!!! And yes, I cried (but whats new)! And thanks to Lisa, I cried again! Beautiful story, I can't wait to have a niece that I can color with :-) Congrats Jessie! Your a beautiful, smart girl! I wish you all the best!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Have a beautiful day. You've done a good job and have prepared the baby bird to SOAR from the next. Thats what good parents do. Blessings, Kristin

ValleyGirl said...

Oh Valarie, that song totally has me in tears! I can only imagine how conflicted you must be today. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter and I hope you have a wonderful, memory-making summer!

Razor Family Farms said...

Congratulations, Jessie! You are such a beautiful young woman and your light shines through each photo. I wish you joy, success, strength, unsinkable faith, and the confidence to fully live out your dreams.

Blessings to you!


mah-meeee said...

congrats graduate! it's a big milestone in your life. enjoy every moment of it!

val - you've also graduated baby made it!

We are THAT Family said...

It's looks like you guys have done an amazing job raising her! Congrats to her and here's a virtual tissue for you.

I cannot even go there in my mind!

Carrie said...

That was beautiful and of course I am writing this with tears in my eyes my baby will be graduating in three years its so hard to believe and was kinda at my graduation too. Okay I going to quit crying now!

Beautiful be proud!

Tiff said...

Congratulations Jessie! It's very clear to me that you have made your momma proud! That slideshow brought tears to my eyes!

My daughter is only 11 but is graduating from elementary school. Seems like yesterday I was watching her take her first steps.

Lorie said...

ok you got me to bawling- Jesse is beautiful inside and out like her Momma and this is just the start of good things-remeber ive been down this road three times and it is bittersweet, but the sweet gets better the more it goes, so buckle up and get ready because good, big things come from here on out- big accomplishments, new family members(SON IN LOVES can be a great thing!) GRANDBABIES are even better and you can't know what I'm talking about until you experience it. Okay I'm rushing things - I just want you to look up, and look forward cos I love you!!!!!!!
You've done a great job, now enjoy!
I love you, Lorie

gabriel said...

Woo-hoo, Jessie! We're all proud of you in Texas. :-)

...unless you go to AUBURN!

Rhea said...

Congrats to Valarie AND Jesse! Awesome!

It's amazing how fast kids grow. And it's nice when they turn out well.

Great video you put together!!

MedStudentWife said...

Beautiful !!

Amanda said...

I'm a stranger that just stumbled upon your mom's blog, and I was watching the video and actually had to stop, because now I'm crying. My son is only graduating from Kindergarten this year and I've been so emotional over it, because now it's downhill from here. Next thing I know he'll be graduating from high school.

Congrats to you!!!