Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Lets see, we have talked about Syd on here and I have definitely talked about Logan. So today we are going to talk about Jessie May. (that’s one of the many nicknames I have for her)

Well let’s see it all started about 17 years ago. God gave me this precious little girl. She was the only girl in the nursery at the time and they just loved it. The nurses put bows in her hair, she was so cute.

Here we are bringing her home.

----Lawsy Mercy have we come along way in hair fashion or what. Would you just look at that big hair, and look at Logan rockin that mullet. Business in the front Party in the back. You know thats how we do it in the South. ----

She has always been a light in our family. She was born about 12 years after the last grandchild, and lets see about 17 years since the last girl was born (I think, if I am wrong someone in my family please let me know) on my side of the family. She was the first grandbaby/great grandbaby born since Logan’s cousin Stacy. Needless to say she was and is spoiled rotten. Why my brother-in-law Shane said he didn’t think her feet touched the ground until she was a year old. She brought a lot of people together that little one did.

I can remember thinking what am I gonna tell her when she gets older. (Sorry I have to stop here for a minute to cry). Ok, I’m back. Well one day God told me what to tell her. He said Valarie what you and Logan did may have been a mistake, but I do not make mistakes and I made her. I can’t tell you how much better I felt.

Words cannot describe the way I feel about my kids, I would do anything for them. There is something different and unique about each of them. Jessie is my first and she has brought more joy into my life than she will ever know. (Sorry crying again, can’t see the computer screen)

It is just so hard to believe that we have come so far. She is getting close to taking that next big step in her life and she will be graduating in May. I know I have talked about that some, but y’all I just can’t believe that my baby, my first born is about to go out into the big world. I want her to finish her college and get the career she wants. I want her to get married and have babies. (Just wait till after school and career) I am so proud of her and so scared at the same time. Have I taught her enough, is she ready for the big world out there? (Crying again) I just pray that she will make good smart decisions and that she has listened to some of the things I have said over the years. I also hope she only remembers the smart things I have said not any of the stupid things. Not that I have every said anything stupid, but just in case. :)

Here is my Senior Picture with my little prop.

---------Goodness at the hair, could I have gotten it any bigger! And did I have some fat cheeks or what!----------

And here she is about to graduate.

Ahhhh, It just seems like yesterday that I was screaming in pain asking for a C-Section, slapping Logan with a wash rag, and telling my Mama to be quiet that I did not want to breathe or find a focal point. Oh the memories. :)'



jennifer said...

Miss Valarie, the mullet made me laugh. I was sitting looking at the photos thinking "They look like babies themselves" and as I read, I realized that y'all WERE!

The sad part of pre-marriage or unwed pregnancy is that it is public, so obvious for the whole world to see. No way to hide it. When I tell a fib, or have jealousy in my heart, or unrighteous anger, or hate, get the picture, there is no outward sign that shows up. No big scarlet "S" on my forehead to show that I did something wrong against God. But Valarie, God can do amazing things, even when we feel we have fallen short! Look at that amazing girl of yours! She looks like she has confidence, that she is sure of who she is. YOU helped her to have that. You helped instill values, goals, dreams, raised your child. I commend you for facing something difficult as a teenager (does it hurt your heart like it does mine that some people in this same situation "take care of it"...they undo the pregnancy and forsake the innocent little soul that is there? YOU didn't do that!!!!) and turning it into a positive!

Now for the serious 'part', that eighties hair! Yes it definitely COULD have been higher, you just needed more Ozone depleting hairspray (I think our generation should take responsibility for our share of Global warming)! I would wear mine that way now if it meant that I could have that much hair again - Millenium hair for me has meant "Lack of". If any more falls out I'll be sporting a hair hat (wig). Have great week - Jen

jennifer said...

I left you an answering message to your comment today on my blog. It quite simply said, "Roll Tide."
I really hope that you have a good day. Jen

Vader's Mom said...

Ah. The mullet. I miss that about that about Logan.

Of course, my favorite memory of Jessie happened in the hospital when Granddaddy was sick. She was roaming the halls asking people for money. AND THEY WERE GIVING IT TO HER!!! We could have been rich that night, but somebody stop us...wish I could remember who...I have some words for them!

I'm so proud of the lady she has become. She's going to do well in the "big world!"

Kimmie said...

Oh My, I am sitting here crying right along with you. Happy tears of course. Valerie, I applaud you wholeheartedly! You and Logan were faced with a situation and you clung to one another through it all. That is so inspiring, especially knowing how the world is these days. Values and responsibility are not on priority lists anymore.

You were given a beautiful gift. Like God told you, He does not make mistakes, He makes miracles, and that is what you received when He gave you your precious daughter. She is so lovely. You and Logan must be so proud of her. :-)

As for the hair...I think it looks pretty and your cheeks are like cherubs...beautiful not chubby.

Valerie, thank you for sharing this story with us. I loved it. You are such a wonderful woman inside and out...I thank you for being my friend.
Love You,