Sunday, February 10, 2008


It was such a pretty day today, that I took my son, my niece, and her friend down to play at the big crooked tree. It was so different than when Syd and Kristen went, they wanted to see how high they could get, but not these little ones. They would get about three feet off the ground and freak out. Now Logan of course being a boy and all did try to go a little higher than the girls.

So then we went off to the creek. These are just some random shots I took of them.

Now this one, even though he is my baby boy anyone would be tempted to give him a nudge in this position. :) Actually I think the girls were thinking about it. But we didn't do it. The water was to cold.

I did let him do this though. (His grandmama would have fit about this)

I can hear her know, "get out of that water your gonna get sick!"

Now watch, it will be my luck and he will get sick.

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Vader's Mom said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Sorry I missed out on it.