Friday, February 8, 2008


Drum Roll Please……………………….

Ta Da!!!!


If you read my survey you will notice that I promised you the recipe for Butter Milk Pie. Well your wait is over people! With the help of my lovely cooking protégé Sydie B

I now bring you ……..Buttermilk Pie. :)

People, people trust me on this it is wonderful, and it does not, I repeat does not taste like Buttermilk. Honest!! If you tasted it for the first time and did not know it was Buttermilk Pie you would not even know that buttermilk was in the thing.

The story of Buttermilk Pie started long, long, ago, when our Mother would make us Buttermilk Pies. I just adore these things especially when they are warm. Yummmmmmmm :) So when I became a Mom and Wife (in that order) I started making Buttermilk Pies. I haven’t made one in a while though because the torch has been passed on to the lovely Sydie B and Jessie Mae. Syd loves to make these things, Jess will make them if she has to.

By the way for those of you who think this is like a Chess Pie its not, its is better and you can’t tell me any different. Don’t even try to make me think it is, because it ain’t. There ain’t no cornmeal or vinegar in this thing .

So lets get started shall we.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Then get two frozen pie shells and set them out. Now apparently I have not been making the pies correctly all these years. I was informed by Syd that you have to make a smiley face in the pie crust so they will feel loved.

Now in your bowl put the following ingredients:

2 cups of sugar

(Do you like the reminder on her hand)

4 eggs

2 tablespoons of self rising flour

(I don't know why she does this, b ut she levels it off be blowing the excess flour off. I do not suggest this for health reasons. Germs, Germs, Germs bleh!:{ )

2/3 cup buttermilk (see that’s not that much)

Now shake, shake, shake..... shake, shake, shake

shake your buttermilk, shake youre buttermilk

(you know what tune to sing)

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 stick of melted butter

Now just dump all that stuff in there and get to mixing.

Once your done mixing, pour the mixture evenly into the two pie crust.

I thought you were showing us the love Syd. Help, help she’s drowning us help, help!!!!......gulb, gulb, gulb…..

Know very carefully put them into the oven. They are going to stay in there for 45 minutes.

Know when the look golden brown like this, they still aren’t done.

They wont be done until they don’t jiggle in the middle. Take the rack and shake it a bit if the pie is still a jiggling leave it in there a little longer. Know I have found that when they get a big bubble on top they are just about there.

Ahhhhhh, look at that pie.

Good job Syd, the pie is awesome!!!!

Now go out and make your own pie.
Diane H, if you will go look on the microwave in the kitchen there is one waiting for you in there. ;-)


Domestic Spaz said...

Oh yum! I'm going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing. ;)

deez38 said...

Thanks bunches that was awesome and a nice surprise on a Friday to find at the microwave : ) You all are the best

Trista said...

I will definitely be making that!! Thanks for sharing!!