Thursday, January 17, 2008

I't isn't what I'm called, It's what I am called to do!

Ok so today I am going to get real personal. I am posting something I put on my myspace page. Now that I have started this blog, I thought this would be a good place to post my previous thoughts. Maybe someone will see it and it will help them, or maybe they know exactly where I am coming from. I got the idea for doing this particular post from a song by Branden Heath / I'm not who I was.


I needed to be Loved. I looked for attention and what I thought was love from people who did not love me at all.

After:I found my True Love!! And In the process I found my second Love, my wonderful husband Logan

For those of you who don't really know me, here's a little lesson about myself.

I am a product of a broken home, but in this day and time their are not a lot of families out there who have not experienced this. When all that happened, I feel that I sort of got lost in the shuffle. I was truly loved by my parents and family. I can't think of a time when I have not felt loved by them. At the same time though I had a misconception of what "LOVE" was. You know the kind of love that you don't get from family. The kind that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach and you can't sleep and you talk to each other for hours and hours, and fall asleep on the phone with each other. Well In my young life I thought that being physical with someone meant they loved you and you loved them. I thought the only way to keep a boyfriend was to be this way. Boy was I wrong! Actually I had more hurt and disappointment in my live because of that type of "LOVE".

When I was 16 God brought into my live this redneck, countryboy with a mullet from Alabama. We were in "LOVE", and shortly after we were pregnant. When Jessie came along my whole life changed for the better. Yes we were young and really truly did not know what Love was, but with the help of God and Jessie we learned how to truly love each other. Since then we have had two more wonderful children, Sydney and Little Logan. God has truly blessed us.

Speaking of God, He is my first TRUE LOVE. Even though I did not know it at the time, and did not always act like it. He has always loved me for me and not because of what I could do for him. He knows that I will fall, He knows that I will fail, but He was and still is, THERE FOR ME! I cannot described the wonderful feeling it is to know that I am loved by Him so much. I don't have to seek anyone here on earths approval, because I am approved by Him.

Well enough about me. :) Who were you before and who are you now?


Valarie said...

It's always good to hear people's testimonies! God is so good & faithful.

I read that you have a myspace. I do to. It's private, but if you do a friend request, of course I'll accept my new friend, Valarie w/ an A. Mine is The last part after the v is my last name. It's a good thing that I love my husband b/c he gave me a questionable last name :-)!

~ Val

Vader's Mom said...

That always makes me teary eyed. I've been so blessed by you.