Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Saturday my sister Robin and I decided that we would go for a spin around the neighborhood like in the old days. We used to ride our bikes all day long around the neighborhood. We would go up and down the hills, stopping on the side of the rode to eat our picnic of Little Debbie cakes and drink our thermos of kool-aid that we fixed. Usually that hapened within the first 5 minutes of our trip. :) One time Robin was attacked by this vicious little white dog that came out of nowhere. I, being the big sister and all, had to rescue her. The dog I think had planned a sneak attack on us. Just waiting for the right moment to strike. We had been riding in that same area all our lives and then all of the sudden when we couldn't peddle anymore up the hill, we got off our bikes to walk them the rest of the way when out came this little white blurr. Robin still carries the scar on her leg today, reminding us of that awful, awful day. Bless her heart. :(

Well anyway back to what I originally wanted to say. We wanted to go for a spin like we used to.

So we hijacked our kids bikes.

I had to adjust the seat on mine it was a little low. My big butt apparently needed more height.

Finally we get going.

WooHoo here we go this is going to be so much fun!!

Ok we are back we forgot our Little Debbies and Kool Aid and we cant go up the hill without that :)'

And we did not come back because we couldn't make it up the hill. No sirree we could have made it up that hill no problem. We just needed our Little Debbies and Kool Aid for energy, yeah thats it energy.


Valarie said...

That looks like fun! I used to ride my bike all the time, too. Whenever we go to Hilton Head, I have to ride a bike everywhere. It usually takes me a few bike rides to get used to it. I wish I could go bike riding more often. ~ Val

Vader's Mom said...

That looks like fun. I haven't been on a bike in forever!!