Monday, January 21, 2008


In honor of my Daddy's birthday today, Little Logan and I made some cupcakes. Well actually Little Logan made them all himself with just a little help from me.

Look at how well he breaks eggs. It makes a mother proud. :)

Yep, You poured them all in there.

So now lets mix it all up and put it in the cupcake thingies.

p.s. I like to call stuff thingies, dohickies, and thingamabobs yall just need to know what I am talking about ;)

Cooking Note: Did you know that if you spray the cupcake thingies with Cooking spray they will come out of them much easier and the cupcakes wont get all stuck to them and stuff.

You knew that already huh, I bet your saying duh Valarie everybody knew that. Well give me a break I didn't, but know I do. So anyway back to the cupcakes......

Mommy its ok that you didn't know that I love you anyway. Well thank you Little Logan I love you too.
Here Mommy have a cupcake it will make you happy. :) Ok I think I will.



Rising Rainbow said...

That cupcake looks just nummy! What a great job Logan did? But I have to ask, did he clean up his mess?

Vader's Mom said...

You have a son that cooks? Wow. I don't even cook!! Will he make cupcakes for me the next time I visit?