Monday, February 4, 2008


Disclaimer: Some of the following photos might not be for the young at heart. If you are easily offended by bad fashion, be prepared for a terrible site in some of the following photos. Please note that I did not pick out or approve of the ensembles that were decided upon that morning. If I had have been a part of it, they would have at least matched. Thank you, we may begin now.

I've been inspired, inspired to go and chronicle our land and all its loveliness. (Stacy, you will like these pictures.)

Saturday, as I read The Pioneer Woman, by the way if you have not read her blog go and do it now. But then remember to come back to mine. There will be a test later so you better come back. J Ok I’m back on track now. As I was saying Saturday she mentioned in her blog about how her and husband used to ride around and look at the land and sights of their ranch. So I decided that I wanted to go and take pictures of our families land.

I really needed to be cleaning because and not going to take pictures of the land because a.) My family was about to evict me from the house b.) We had a bunch of people coming over for the Super Bowl (Shout out to ya’ll that came over Sunday night, Hi Love ya’ll) I will be asking you later if you read this. c.) I think it had turned into a health hazard (not really but it was close.) Anyway Syd and her friend Kristen were going for a ride on the four-wheeler and so I decided to hop a ride with them.

Syd is a maniac on a four-wheeler. I was constantly having to tell her to slow down, actually it went more like this “You better slow this thing down, or your gonna regret, I’ve got my expensive camera on here and you better not let any mud or stuff get on it.” To which she replied by laughing and trying to go faster. By the looks of the picture above I think they had that all planned out. Mmhmm yep thats what I think they were doing. Thank goodness we finally make it down to the creek in one piece. Because of recent rain the creek is up so we couldn’t cross it. We just stayed there on the bank for awhile and watched the water and took pictures.

We got back on the four-wheeler and rode down in the field a little ways and we came across this interesting tree.

(outfit looks worse up close)

(Note: It has not fallen over, it's growing that way)

Now I have lived here for about 16 years and do not remember this tree, but Big Logan says it’s always been there. (Shows you how much I pay attention) So I tell the girls, “Hey why don’t ya’ll climb up onto the top of this it will be fun. I have my camera and I will document this incase ya’ll get hurt and they need pictures at the hospital. Plus it’s not that high ya’ll won’t get hurt to bad if you fall.” (I am very supportive that way ya know) To this they replied “Ok, that sounds like fun”. They started out pretty good, the tree only popped and cracked a few times, and they only got stuck for a little bit. Sydney actually called one of her friends and said, “Hey I’m stuck in a tree down at the creek”, and they said “ok well I have to go know”.

(questionable outfit)

Once I got them down out of the tree they went down a little farther and took some pictures of the beaver dam that was in the creek.

Here I have to stop and put in a public service announcement. DON’T POLLUTE OUR STREAMS. Ok I am better now. There were Styrofoam plates and bottles all caught up in the beaver dam. No one likes all that laying around their house, and I’m sure the beavers don’t like it all over there house either.

There was also something down near the creek that I had forgotten about. I’m really glad I found it again though. :)

Ain't he sweet :)

(by the way that says 1990)


Vader's Mom said...

Fun shots of some beautiful land. I can't wait to come visit again!!

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite memories happened at the creek behind my parent's house. I spent much time roaming the creek bed and looking for critters! I even tried to swing across it once, on what looked to be a very strong vine. (I promise I did test it's sturdiness before I leaped!) I landed flat on my back in the middle of a dried up rocky creek bed! (Don't tell anyone! HA!)

carrie said...

That is cool! I loved the little tour! :)