Friday, February 15, 2008



Ok, so the thing is I like clothes. There I said it. I am addicted to cute clothes and shoes. Now I am not knocking anyone who loves there comfy sweats, I mean I have been know to wear them too. I am just saying that if you make a habit of it well you know what happens. Pretty soon you will be going to the grocery store in your pajamas. (Editors note: If you have done this, please don't do it again.) I have lots of friends who like to just wear whatever’s comfortable. You know what, that’s just fine, but keep it in check.

So here are a few of Valarie's thoughts on fashion:

You may not realize it but you can be just as comfortable in a cute pair of jeans, some cute heels, and cute little top. Now I don't want to hear the following: "Valarie I can't wear those heels like you do, why I'd break my neck." People give me break. You don't have to wear 3" heels all the time; as a matter of fact I have on flats today. Cute little ballerina flats. (Editors Note: I am short, I have to wear heels with most of my outfits, or the pants drag the ground. I know I could get them hemmed, but the heels look better and make your legs look longer.)

Also, have you heard of a guy named "Clarence" AKA "Clearance"? If you keep looking he has some good things. When going to see "Clarence" be very careful. He may try to lure you into some thing horrid just because its $3.00. Don't let this happen!!! If you are strong and hold out you will find some good deals. Go for classics.

Remember how old you are. I do have a slight problem in this area. I have two teenage daughters, and with all their clothes around sometimes the lines get mixed. Now I don't wear anything that is teeny bopper, I mean I am not that crazy. There are the occasional times that I put on something and look in the mirror and say to myself, what were you thinking and then I go and cry on the bed because I have no clothes, because I have bought everything for two teenage daughters. Oh my I am so sorry about the little emotional melt down I just had. Let’s go on shall we. :)

I suggest watching "What no to Wear." I think it should become part of your Friday schedule. I just love, love, love Stacy and Clinton.

(Editors Note: I will not be mad at any of you if you want to secretly film me and send it into them. Also if you want me to film you just let me know ;-))

Remember we are not all made the same way!!! God made us all very different. Dress your body, not Cindy Crawford’s. If you wear clothes for your body type you will look and feel good. If you have some jiggly spots and hail damage like me, it will be ok. You don't have to wear big ole’ clothes to cover that up though, but please, please , please don't wear skin tight clothes either. Find clothes that fit, I don't care that you don't like the number on the tag. If it fits properly you will look awesome.

Now go out and look fabulous, and remember PJ’s and grocery stores do not mix.


robyn@mixmingleglow said...

Hi Valarie! Just found ya thu Fussy's site. LOVE this entry. SO true and funny.
Great post...I'll be checking in to see what else ya got going on!
PS...Keep moving south and you'll be in my neck of the woods (Destin!)
Have a great weekend.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I love What Not to Wear. Such a great show. And you're right it is just as easy to dress stylish as it is to dress sloppy. And stylish does not equal uncomfortable.

And another thing you're right about is how easy it is to get sucked into justifying the ugly $3.00 clearance shirt.

Lil Mouse said...

i tried to leave a comment and i'm not sure it worked.

Tamra said...

Clarence and I are really good friends.
Great post!

Jenn said...

As nice as heels look I'm not a big fan of them. I love all the cute flats out there right now.

Bethando said...

What a great post! And I, agree entirely. We should only try and dress our bodies, and grochery stores and pj pants do not mix. Bravo!

Heather said...

I love your last point - dress YOUR body. I know that what works for most gals doesn't work for me because of my "extra padding." But I'm working on shedding some that :-)

Karen said...

I would wear heels more, but I'm already taller than my husband by two inches. lol Enjoyed the post - and it's should never go to the Wal-Mart in your pjs. *shudder*

Mackenzies Momma said...

hi valerie! thanks for the tips, i recently found a wonderful pair of HEELS that are BOOTS too(seriously the best ever). now I just have to take the time to go out and put together a nice outfit for 'em.

Vader's Mom said...

Wonderful post! I hope that the next time I come visit we have time to go shopping. We've not done that before and it would be a lot of fun!!

HRH said...

Totally agree about the pjs and am an avid WNTW watcher--love them!

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Ok honey, we will film eachother and go on the show for a new wardrobe.

Also, you have older teenagers? ~fussy faints~

You are so supa-fab gorgeous, Darlin'!

Thank you so much for joining in. It means so much to me!

Love, Fussy

Peggie said...

I just found you and like your blog. Thanks for all the good ideas. I am a bit overweight and have trouble finding what looks good and is comfortable too. Thanks for the encouragement!

Lisa said...


You're doing great Valarie. I'm proud of you.

Love, Lisa

Troye said...

I completely agree Girlie! Just because it is the current trend does not mean that anyone can wear it.
In joy!