Thursday, February 28, 2008


Its cold and I am getting a little sick of it. I am still waiting for the beach.

Please, please will someone take me there? I will ride in the trunk if I need to. OK maybe not the trunk I don’t want to smell like gas fumes. How about, I will give you some gas money. I will even chip in on the groceries; you won’t even know I am there. I just want to go lay on the beach in the nice warm sun, and not be disturbed. Valarie get a hold of yourself begging is not very becoming.

Change of plans I just went and checked the weather for Gulf Shores and surrounding beaches, and its gonna be cold there too.

Awww dagdumit! Guess I am not goin anytime soon.

Lets just look at pictures and dream of the beach instead shall we.

Sydie & Chase (he is my great nephew)

Chase trying to roll his pants down

Chase trying to get the sand off his hands

Sydie pouting because I made her go back up to the condo and get the batteries that she had swiped out of my camera

Jessie captured by the sunset

Now notice that Juvenile Delinquent LL is not in any of these pictures. He did not want to come down. I think he was up in the room having a party while his Daddy took a nap.


Valarie said...

You are always welcome to come down here and go to the beach! First, we live just a few hours from the beach. Second, it's already in the 90's here...(here's the best part) with NO HUMIDITY!!! You will need some serious sunscreen, though, b/c it costs like $18 here and the sun in a lot stronger here than in the States. Puerto Vallarta is always a good idea!

Seriously, we are trying to plan a trip sometime right before I have the baby. YAY!

Valarie said...

Once again, if you come down here, you can get you some GORGEOUS turquoise (pink, red, yellow, whatever) boots that aren't very expensive :-)! My friend's boots are ostrich boots. Boots are very popular here and you can find all kinds and all colors. Since you obviously have a shoe fetish (reading from your previous posts), I think you would have a hay day in the market here. ;-P

Vader's Mom said...

You know, it's warmer in DFW today than in Miami...

You could come here... :)

jennifer said...

We are going to the beach in June and I am in a secret pout cause I don't want to go. We ALWAYS go to the beach and I want to either save the money to go back to Disney, or just go somewhere ELSE. DO something. We go to the beach and just laze around. I laze around enough at home...I want to DO something this year on vacation! Anyway, Hubby always eins and I will just HAVE to go and be happy about it. Yes I know how spoiled and pathetic this sounds, but hey, I'm just that kind of girl!! ;^) Jen