Friday, February 22, 2008


You know every now and then I have to agree with Oprah.

I really like the word she uses here and I think I am gonna change the whole word borrow it from her.

I think today I will talk about, hmmm what will I talk about?

Shoes yes let’s talk about shoes.

(I want these!)

By the way if you don’t like what I say remember this is only my opinion and do not hate me for it.

Ahhh, I just love shoes. I think I am getting close to that Imelda Marcos woman. (Nah, not really, ok maybe)

Lets first talk about heels. Now this can be an area of controversy. Some people can’t wear them and some people just wont. Now I, at one time would not wear them. I thought I didn't know how, and I thought it was just for businesswomen and going to church. Boy was I wrong. I found out that I really, really like heels. I am almost addicted to them. If you get a really good heel(and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg) they can be very comfortable. Also they elongate your legs. They also get short people like me almost eye level with the normal people around me.

(There are some people that I know who do not realize how really short I am until I take my heels off)

So if it’s just that you don’t want to wear them, go for it and try it for a while. I triple dog dare you. (Now you have to go and try them :}) Go visit my friend “Clarence” and you can find some pretty good deals at the dept stores. Then take them home and practice walking in them around the house. (Your husband might even like it. If you don't have a husband you just might get one.)

If it’s that you just can’t physically wear them because you have like a balance problem or really weak ankles or something like that, I am really sorry. Maybe go with a shorter heel that has a wider base.

I really have to say something right here though. Please don’t wear shoes that are meant for someone like 100 years older than you. There are cute lower heeled shoes out there for you that are really cute.


NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR NOT A PILGRIM!!!!!

It did not look good on them and it does not look good on anyone now!
(Sorry if you have these, but you need to know)

These are cute :)

And so are these!
My three favorite places to find good deals on shoes are Payless (which by the way is having BOGO as we speak), Target, and Belks when they put there shoes on “Clarence” and then put another like 50% off of them. Now there is another place I like to browse. I haven't bought anything from there, but they have shoes from cheap to steep. Its . There is no excuse in not finding or having decent shoes.

If your shoes are worn out, please retire them. If they can be fixed, fix them. You can take them and have the heels redone, and it does not cost that much. Also if you have a pair of black shoes that the toe is a little scuffed, (I said a little people, not alot scuffed, thank you Jessica), use a black sharpie marker and just color it in.

Also in the summer if you are going to wear sandals please make sure they are in decent shape. And please, please make sure that you have a good pedicure.

You don't have to go get one done, you can do this yourself and you will feel better for doing it. If you wear flip-flop's alot get new ones if you need to. You can get plan, solid colored flip-flop's in all sorts of colors at Old-Navy for like 3.50. Just don't wear them if your visiting the President, you will get scolded by the press and probably Mr. Blackwell.

There is no excuse for not having decent shoes. I remember my sister Lisa telling me one time a long, long, long, long time ago (well maybe she didn't tell me I think I was eavesdropping) that she would decide if she liked a guy by his shoes. (it was something like that) Point is (whether she really said this or not) your shoes and appearance say alot about who you are. If you take care of your shoes, you probably take care of yourself. If you take care of yourself, you feel better and then you take better care of your family and those around your. See its a cycle that starts with shoes.

I know it sounds crazy, but its true. Believe me on this one.

Now go forth and get some shoes and a pedicure.



Valarie said...

I am doing OK. I'm more sad for my Mom than anything. Thanks for the concern. ~ Val

Lil Mouse said...

i would say leave the flip flops for vacations and beach walking. i still have some that i wear, but it would be say 'out at the farm' where 99.9% of the time I go barefoot in the summer, I only put on the flip flops for going out where it could be a bit wet or say taking a quick trip to town. even then, i'd still advise a nice flat shoe instead of flip flops. but i love your heel tips.. here's another one.. HEEL TOE HEEL TOE. That's how you walk in heels. I didnt know. My husband told me. Once I started doing that, heels were no big deal. I still need 'less than 3 inch' heels, though. my feet are only around a size 5 and just can't tolerate higher heels than that!

Valarie said...

lil mouse, I do have to agree on the flip flops. I should have mentioned more about wearing to the appropriate occasions. i.e. the beach

I tend to wear mine to the ball park since that is where I spend most of my summer. That way I don't get a sock line, I just take my shoes off while I am sitting there.

Thanks for the comment. :)

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I love shoes. Love them.

I'm actually reading "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" right now.

Joy said...

I love heels- and no one realizes how short I am until I take off my shoes!

Tamra said...

Oh, my hubby is going to luuuuv you for this! *ahem* But honey, Valerie SAID I needed more shoes! Yay!

Johnina said...

Amen sister, I'm a shoe addict too! Just wish I had more money to buy them. Got any tips on robbing a shoe store?

Connie said...

I love shoes. I have a closet full of heels from my Pre-Mommy life.

I think I shall wear them again! Or maybe just to bed!! LOL!

I am currently looking for a pair of leopard print shoes! I must have them!!

carrie said...

I totally agree with you on the shoes -- I just dont' get the opportunity to wear heels, but those fugly flats . . . no way! I'd rather wear boots!

And yes, I can't wait to update my flip flop inventory from Old Navy. I live in those things for at least 4 months of the year!

HRH said...

I was told a long time ago and I have no idea if it is true that if you were interviewing with a man or going on a date, wear great shoes because men scan bodies from the feet up whereas women scan from the head down. True? Urban legend? Just a good excuse to go buy shoes? Does it matter? Fun!

Melody said...

Oooh - I think you're talking to me! I have had the WORST shoe luck lately. THREE of my work shoes have fallen apart (one literally) in the past two weeks. And I'm silly and never spend money on myself, so I have been procrastinating on buying some new ones. UGH.

Alicia said...

I love it! That's another thing driving me to weight loss--I need all the help I can get balancing in my new high heels :)

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Oh yes, honey. I love the shoes! I always check out shoes on anyone I meet. Not to judge status, but they are very telling about the person filling themA Psychology professor taught me this back in college. Is the person practical, playful or a little wild? So much is said by shoes.

Everytime I wear shoes as sexy as that first red heel, I end up pregnant again. Hee, hee....

Much love to ya, my friend!

Mwah! Fussy

curlygin78 said...

Y'know, I've never been a shoe-girl. Payless and Target have been my source for years. Thanks to Stacy and Clinton, I've been able to ditch bad-shoe habits, and live in the reality of the pointy toe, kitten heel slingbacks. Love Them!

My husband pays very close attention to my shoes. And to his. He's purchased the same (or nearly the same) style Skechers at least 6 or 7 times. That man knows what he likes!