Thursday, February 7, 2008


Warning: Pioneer Woman’s Hot Wings can be dangerous

This Weekend I decided for the SuperBowl I would make some man food to go with the chick food, as my friend’s son calls it. (You know who you are J_ _ _) ;-)

So I proceed to make these wonderfully awesome wings. They are all that and a bag of chips. I had never made homemade hot wings. So this was a first. I got together my wings and proceeded to fry them.

This is where the warning comes in.


I was doing like I was told and I was moving the chicken around so it wouldn’t get stuck to the pan. Well while I was in the process of doing this, those wings gave a big pop. It was the biggest pop of grease that I have ever seen. Everything started moving in slow motion. There was the pop and then the grease flying, and then (remember picture all this in slow motion) me with the tongs in my hand jumping backwards and sending a half cooked chicken wing flying. It was not a pretty sight. I kept my cool though and immediately put my hand under cool water.

Now all of this was witnessed by my husband who in his great concern said this.

“You ok? …….Cannon (that’s the dog) don’t eat that chicken”

I’m glad I have him around he knows just what to say and do. ;-)

I would have made a picture of the finished wings, but after getting popped again by the chicken grease and all my guest arriving. I just didn’t get the picture taken.

Bottom line is the wings are good, make them but don’t get burned by the grease.

Next time I think I will wear this.

By the way I'm just fine and it didn't burn for that long.


carrie said...

Yup, that outfit looks appropriate for frying wings! You are too funny!

Also, brava to you for being so brave to try this, I am petrified of frying stuff like that because I'm afraid of the "popping." :)

Vader's Mom said...

And that's why I don't cook at all!

Valarie said...

When I cook w/ oil, I have started wrapping dish towels around my arms and wearing pot holder mits. It helps. But I do have a friend that go popped in the eye, so maybe I should add some goggles.

I'm sure your wings were delicious! I'm not a wings fan, but I love homemade wings.

~ Val