Monday, February 25, 2008


Here we go, it’s Sunday and we are going to the creek. Syd, Jess, Taylor, and I went for a little outing down in the pasture today.

They did the usual

climb in the tree

get stuck in the tree

leave there mother in the middle of the pasture !

Girls I mean it you better get back here!

Yeah, I’m yelling what’cha gonna do about it?

Ok so now we are gonna cross the creek, or maybe not it was still up becasue of the rain. I don't know maybe we can still go across. Hmmmmmm

Syd go on out there and see how deep it is.

Roll your britches legs up and get on out there.

Ok just go out there in your shorts.

ahhhhh my eyes, I'm blinded. Syd you need to get some sun on those legs of yours. :)

Syd your gonna have to get farther out there if we are gonna find out if we can cross our not.

She chickened out.
Oh yeah, I will go out there, but I'm goin in over here, and Taylor your coming with me. (Jess is smart she stays on the 4-wheeler) Come on we will do this together.


HA! HA! That’s what y’all get for leaving your mother.


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Vader's Mom said...

That looks like a good ole time!!