Thursday, February 21, 2008


If you look up the definition of the word delinquent, this is what you would see beside it.

My sweet little, precious boy. :(

My baby, my youngest, has been getting in trouble with the principals office lately. I am paying for my husbands raising. Because I did not get in trouble when I was little. (Lisa, Deta, and Robin don't say a word. Y'all know I was the sweetest little thing) Let me just tell you what the little booger did today.

They received their progress reports yesterday, and L.L.'s was pretty good. He is struggling in math just a bit, but other than that it was pretty good. Well this morning I get this phone call:

VP: Hi, Valarie, this is Mrs. Mac

ME: Oh no what did he do now

VP: (laughter) Well did you see his progress report last night.

ME: Well I did not see it, but his Daddy did and he was telling me about it.

VP: Well it was a pretty good progress report, nothing really bad.

ME: Yes, I agree, he is struggling in math we need to work on that.

VP: Well thats not the reason I'm calling. You see he signed his Daddy's name to the progress report. Then when I said now Logan are you telling me the truth he said, "Oh yeah, my daddy didn't sign it my Granddaddy did." So I told him we need to call his Granddaddy. His response was no you can't call him he doesn't have a phone.

I am speechless at this point. I just don't even know what to say anymore.

And Y'all need to stop laughing because it's not funny. If he is pulling stuff like this now, what am I gonna do when he becomes a teenager.


The Nester said...

Hey girl, I did want to come and visit you from BD--I totally cannot think of anything but you having a 17 year old? Either I read it wrong or you have a lovely step daughter or you had a daughter when you were about 3 years old because you look like you are 20!

Lisa said...

Tear his hiney up! Just kidding. Sort of. :)

Vader's Mom said...

Hehe. He is his father's son. I'm so sorry.

But seriously. Is that a boy thing? I would have never thought to do anything like that.

Alicia said...

Let me tell you about the time my son stood up on his desk and flipped the whole class off because he was first to finish the test! Did I mention he's homeschooled now? I can only take so many visits to the principal's office!