Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guess What!

Guess what time of year it is???????

We, (Jessie's team) had their Red, White scrimmage game Tuesday night. It was great being back at the field, but I just have one problem. It was way to cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This is Syd and her BF, Jess A/K/A Two peas in a pod)

You see I have this really weird thing that happens when I get the slightest bit cold. The tips of my fingers go white. Now not just, oh my hands are cold kinda white, more like there is no blood flowing to them. Its not on all my fingers either its only like maybe the tip of one. It happens to my toes too. I know I'm weird. I think they call it Raynaud's phenomenon or something like that. I diagnosed it myself off the internet. So I really hope thats all it is. :)'

Anyway the point to this post is that Softball is back. :) So for the next oh 8-9 months or so, we will be doing softball.

This is where the infield goes to the pitchers mound and say something like this.

"Big D no E everybody touch yo knee"

And this is my Jessie playing 3rd, she looks like she is having fun doesn't she.

This is our cousin Tiff, pitching

(thats Jessie standing there freezing)

This is my niece Courtney a/k/a Sparky catching
(she is so good she can catch with her eyes closed)

(Two peas again)

We have a tournament this weekend. I'm just so ready to sit in the freezing cold, in my zero degree sleeping bag, and my case of pocket warming things. Thank goodness my brother says he bought a new portable propane tank for us to all huddle around.

Y'all, I am really sad about all of this though. :( It's Jessie's last year of playing softball. She is graduating this year and she's not going to play in college. So this will be a bittersweet year. So plan on getting lots and lots of post about softball in the upcoming months.

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Vader's Mom said...

Jessie looks so thrilled!

I'm sad to hear she won't be playing in college. Bet they'll love to have her on the intramural teams though!!