Saturday, May 3, 2008


I have got nothing acomplished today, but I had fun. The day started out with me taking Lil Logan to Karate and then we stopped by my friend Melindas house to see what she had at her Yard Sale.
Her brother passed away recently and he was a collector of everything. He had a booth at a flea market and he had lots of things that he had bought for it and other things he just collected. So some of the things she has been selling at yard sales for the past two weekends.
Well instead of just looking I stayed and helped her sell. I love doing stuff like this. We were discussing how doing this is mindless. Not mindless in the since that just anyone could do it, even though anyone could do it, but mindless in the since that we were not thinking about who needed to go where and what else we could be doing. We just had fun hanging out and selling stuff.
Now don't think I did not leave there with out getting anything. Lil Logan was with me so he was trying to get his hands on everything. He "conned" Melinda (she really just gave it to him) into getting a box full of G I Joes (not antiques), 8 Laser pens, a bike, a hat, and a lunch box. I purchased (even though she would hardly take my money) two trunks, and a piece of Fenton glass ware for my mother. Now if anyone knows my Mother don't tell her I got that for her. She collects the stuff and I am giving it to her for Mothers Day. Mama if you happen to read this before Mothers Day, well then Happy Mothers Day!!
Oh and Jennifer there is lots and lots of good old stuff! You would love it! You might want to take a trip up north, she will be happy to sell you something.
Oh and if your wondering why there are lines in between the paragraphs, its because this was the only way I could get blogger to seperate them. Otherwise it just looked like a big blob of words.
Oh and one more thing I went to eat dinner with my Sister, who just ratted me out in the above post. :) Thanks Lisa!


Suzanne said...

You sound like a nice friend--not many would do this kind of thing on a Sat.
Any Roseville Pottery? That's what I collect.

Valarie said...

Suzanne, I am not sure, but we still have ALOT to go through so I will keep my eyes open. :)

jennifer said...

*gnashing of teeth and renting of garments*

I MISSED a sale with lots of OLD stuff? AaRGH!!!

I TOTAlLY understand where you are coming from on the sale being fun. I love moments like that!


Dawn said...

You know what they say... one man's junk is another man's treasure!

Any silver baby cups? My mom collects them. She likes them to be engraved with a name. Condition doesn't matter too much.

Have a blessed Sunday! Dawn

Valarie said...

I will keep a looj=k out for that also. I am telling yall we have a lot left to discover.

Lisa said...

"and I ate supper with my sister Lisa."

Somehow that got left out of your day. Hmmppff.