Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My life, there is always something going on.

Yesterday was a doozy, lets see I get to work, and have two bomb shells dropped on me, that I can’t discuss right know, then I check my e.mail and realize I had forgotten about Syd’s dentist appointment later that day. So I get Jessie to bring them to town, while I am there I reschedule Jessie and Logan’s cleanings, well they just happen to have a 3:00 and a 3:10 available so can we come back that afternoon. Sure I don’t have anything else to do, except work, but since I have them in town I say go for it.

So its 3:00 we are in the dentist when Syd comes up to me and says Daddy just called and you wont believe what happened.

What Syd, what happened?

Syd: Did you go down into the pasture this morning?

Me: No, why would I go down into the pasture?

Syd: Well Jessi, Megan, and I didn’t go down there, and Jessie was in the bed, and Logan didn’t go down there.

Me: OK Syd what happened.

Syd: Well Leroy, Ellie May, and Little bit got out.

Me: OH Great

Syd: And they can’t find Leroy & Ellie May and Little bit fell in the pool

Me: (Blank stare can not believe what I am hearing…Cow in Pool)

All I can imagine is the cover torn up, which by the way is supposed to hold and elephant, but can’t hold a cow, and cows swimming around in my pool ripping the liner. I am done by this point I don’t think I can take much more excitement for the day.

When I get home it’s not as bad as I had imagined, but we did have to take the cover off and go ahead and start opening the pool.

Oh life on a farm, its never boring. So how did the varments get out you ask? Well there is a pass through gate beside our house. Its an old chain link fence gate, we keep some wire through the latch to keep it from being opened. Well apparently that wire had come out so Leroy took it upon himself to open the gate and go have a good time. Yes you heard me right the donkey opened the gate. He is definitely not a dumb....donkey.

I don't use bad language so I am not gonna say the other word. :)

P.S. my sister Lisa wants to know how Little bit and Ellie May are. They are both fine, the picture of them above is after the pool incident.



Lisa said...

Didn't you leave something out? How is Little Bit? Did the poor thing drown?

Valarie said...

As I'm reading this, I'm having a vision of "Anne of Avonlea" and trying to get Dolly out of Rachel Lynde's pasture, which ended up not being Dolly. Farm life does sound interesting! I'm not sure if I could handle it. But thankfully God made someone like you that can handle it better than I would :-)!

~ Val

Valarie said...

It's usually breezy, but not this crazy. Even though it's taking away my hot water, it's kind of nice b/c it cools things off a little bit.

I saw at the store that they were selling chocolate bunnies, but I don't think they do much with it. They have a lot of Catholic parades & traditions that they do to celebrate. For example, they'll have a parade w/ a mannequin of Jesus' dead body in a tomb; they'll parade it around town & shoot off fireworks. It's kind of creepy looking.

Vader's Mom said...

Hehe! Well, even the animals try to keep your days interesting!!!

Glad you caught up to them before they hurt themselves.

Lynne said...

WOW! That's a day full of events! Thankfully, no animals fell into the pool!

Tanya said...

Holy moly, the cow fell in the pool! Glad they were all ok though, and your pool wasn't too terrible destroyed!
What a message to get while at the dentist!

Nadine said...

Oh man that is tough. I'm glad Little Bit didn't get hurt.

The cover could have been worse but what a nice hole.

Cassie said...

I am laughing...I can't imagine a cow falling in the pool..Was it ok??? I would think that could be detrimental...

buckatwos@gmail.com said...

Farm animals, of my. I feel your pain, it is always something around this place.

I am glad all is well. I hope everything is alright at work and you are not too stressed.

The Park Wife

jennifer said...

Miss Valarie, there are Cadbury Cream Eggs in the Stores RIGHT NOW. I think you may be in NEED of one. They tend to be very healing on the nerves. One cow swimming in the pool equals one Chocolate gooey creamy goodness in an egg shape. Dr. Jen has spoken.


jennifer said...

Geisha Girl is back and it involves Barbecue!!!!!!