Thursday, March 13, 2008


Happy Birthday to yall, Happy Birthday to yall, Happy Birthday Wesley (today) Brandon(Late to you), and Robert (Later in the month) Happy Birthday to you!

We tried to do a photo shoot of the boys for their Christmas card this year, but let me tell you they were not the best subjects.

Robert throwing a hay bale on his brothers.

Lisa telling them they better sit there and take a good picture. "DO NOT move from that spot"
(look at Brandon he is like "take chill pill dude")

Robin (the mama) Telling them that if you move again, your gonna get it!

This is me trying to get them situated, but not at the same spot. This way just did not work. :(

I dont think Wes can take much more of this.

Now Syd had to get in on the picture.
Here Wes you have a hair out of place let me fix that for ya.

Jimbo just taking it all in. I think at one point he said "good greif I'm related to these people"

This was one of the better shoots that Lisa got of the boys. I cant remember which one Robin used, I don't have a finished card to show you. Someone never gave me one.
Anyway Happy Birthday Boys!!!!



elizabeth embracing life said...

First my younger three boys are all back to back months. And you completely describe all my photo sessions. I have yet to have a decent picture of all three. This blog just cracks me up. You are in good company my dear.

The Other Huse said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog party!

I like your site. This post with the pictures of the boys is hilarious!

jennifer said...

OMG-osh the photo with the hay bale smashing is a hoot. She worked for that photo - shoot, everyone worked for that photo!

Be blessed.


Thanks for your comment this morning. It meant a lot.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Boys!

Oh. And. Thanks. For. The. Lovely. Pic. Of. Me.