Sunday, March 16, 2008


Because I know you all want to know what I have been doing, let me just tell you.


12:00 Pick up Kim and all the girls and go to School

12:15 Wait for everyone to get there so we can all leave at same time

12:48 finally leave out

3:00 Get to Hotel

5:00 Leave to go to the ballfield (take wrong turn, get a little lost, finally find ballfield)

5:30 get to ballfield find out game is post poned until 8:30

8:30 Play ball

9:45 Wait on next game to finish so we can play ball again

10:45 PM Play next game

12:00 AM leave ball field

12:05 pull into WhiteCastle

Ok I am getting of the time line here to tell you what happened at White Castle. So I pull up to get Tara something to eat. They really haven't had anything since we left the school earlier in the day. So we are sitting in the drive thru when Kim says, "Valarie the doors are locked right?"

As I look up there is some Crazy Man coming toward our car. I'm like what are you on Crack or something, and then think to myself "Valarie its Midnight outside of Nashville, yes he is probably on crack." So he proceeds to stand at the end of my car waving his hands yelling "Hello can you not hear me, do you have a gas can? Hello!" I am saying "Girls dont make eye contact". Kim is yelling "Go away you crazy guy". Well he finally walks away, and the guys in White Castle come to the window. I roll the window down and they say "We were watching our for you in here". Well thanks, thanks for that White Castle guys, thanks for watching for us behind the comfort of your locked drive thru window. How about coming to the rescue of a car full of woman. Like tell the guy you were gonna call th cops or something.

Anyway were was I, Oh yeah my timeline.

1:00 am finally go to bed

5:00 Alarms start going off to get up and get ready

5:30 Get out of bed to get ready to be back at ballfield by 7:00

6:00 Get breakfast and listen to the Thunder, watch the Lightning

6:45 find out games are delayed until 10:00, go back to bed

9:00 games delayed again

10:00 find out that they forgot to call us and tell us games are cancelled

10:01 we pull out to leave

1:20 pm finally get home and go back to bed

So needless to say I have had a great and wonderful time, and I can't wait to do it all again sometime. :)

I hope you heard the sarcasm in my voice.

Yes girls, this particular softball trip not so much fun.


jennifer said...

Hey Valarie? I love YOU and your three inch heels! I REALLY REALLY DO! *puppy eyes here*


jennifer said...

Oh gosh! They are so pretty, even when they are tee-ed off! Did you not know that it is company policy that every White Castle has to hire at least one Ninja? When he said he was watching out for you, he really was. He was using his Ninja skilled restraint not to kick Crack guy's butt!


Vader's Mom said...

oh my goodness. your life is so full of drama that you don't create...

gabriel said...

Sounds like fun! I wouldn't hold out for very many men at any fast food restaurant, though.

Also, which WC were you at? We stopeed at the one in W Nashville at about 9AM to fix a windshield wiper. I didn't see anyone on crack, though.

Valarie said...

Jennifer - Thank You, I love you too!

Stacy - I know its crazy it just follows me everywhere. Makes live very interesting though.

Gabe - We were actually at the one in Hendersonville. So we were a litte NE of Nashville.