Sunday, March 9, 2008

Page 123

I think I like these things. Well some of them at least. I have seen some memes out there that I am not to sure of, but this one is fun.

Jennifer got me again, she is a quick one ya know! So here we go I am supposed to find a the closest book to me, no cheating and then turn to page 123, go 5 lines down and then post the next three. Lets see, what book do we have around here.........Oh here's one.

Page 123...... ok got it.

"I talked with Alaric, and he's having another get-together next week," Bonnie replied. "He asked Caroline and Vickie and me if we wanted to be hypnotized to help us deal with what's been happening. But I am not sure he isn't the Other Power, Elena. He's too nice."

Well there you go that was from "The Vampire Diaries, The Fury and the Dark Reunion". That isn't anything I'm reading that would be Syd's reading selection.

Ok so now lets tag people hmmm who should it be.

To the following people you are it:


Valarie in Mexico


Sister Honey Bunch

Sister Sassy

(Stacy I did not tag you on this one because I think you jsut did it the other day, but if you want to play along then tag you it too)

Know yall can go tag other people, let me know if you play along. :)



Sister Honey Bunch said...

Oh cool. We'll do it this week.

jennifer said...

So funny. You don't strike me as a Goth Girl! But there was the post about the black dress and you did seem to understand the workings of the eyebrow bolt pretty well....hmmm....Val the Vampire.....NAH!

So it was Hubby's book? Mine likes Christian Fiction literature and Spy thrillers. I personally try to get him to read clean romance novels so that he can brush up on his sweet romantic gestures. Not happening so far. But he is awfully good to us!

My egg people are not growing quite the way I would like. Water tends to help the situation and I have been lax. we'll see what happens.

Glad you enjoyed the tag.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Valarie, thanks for stopping by from the Nester's place. So nice to meet you. Now I'm wondering where you are in AL, since I'm in B'ham. Love meeting other girls who live here too! Hope you'll come back & visit me again, I'm always up to some sort of project at my blog.


jennifer said...

Hey Valarie dear. I haven't quite got the names down pat. Daughter's book. Gotcha. I understand how you feel about reading and their reading material. I was a HUGE Stephen King fan as a teenager. Now I CAN'T read him. Scared too easily. I read Anne Rice too, and the same thing. No go anymore. Always love hearing from you and getting to know you better! Jen