Sunday, March 30, 2008


I know, I know y'all have all been patiently waiting to find out what I have been up to this weekend. Well wait no further.........

Friday was the start of another wonderful weekend of softball!!!! We had two games Friday night and then started Saturday day off with a game at 11:30 and needed to be at the field at 10:30. I drop Syd off at the gate so she can hurry and get on up there with her team mates, while I drive past her for a parking place. ( ok, ok I picked her back up and drove here the rest of the way)

Here are few pictures to show you the fun we had. :)

First it starts to sprinkle. Now not those little sprinkles, its the onces that when one drop hits your head it runs down your head.

Here is my wonderful friend Melinda trying to stay out of the rain.

Here the girls try to take some shelter from the sprinkles. You know they are made of sugar and they will melt if they get to wet. The precious darlings.

Hey Syd and Haley are y'all shooting birds at people. No? Thats just some hand shake y'all are doing? The Spiderman Dance? Well alrighty then. :/

So we go to the dugout because its time to play ball!!
( they are so excited :} )

But guess what happens.................

The sprinkles turn to this..............

So the girls just hung out waiting for the rain to stop.

Well it keeps raining and raining and raining and raining and raining, oh sorry you want me to stop now. Just trying to put you in the moment.

(Syd and BF Jess)

Syd "washing" her hands

So Coach H. went to find out what was going on. Are we delaying, are we cancelling, are we about to get struck by lighting?

Verdict we are playing as soon as this passes they are gonna get the fields ready.

Doesn't she look excited?

So we are playing when they get this cleaned up? Yeah right!

So we wait....

And do hair (ya know cause we are girls)......

We say there is a moose on the other side of the ballfield. See it a moose over by that tree behind the light pole. See it!!!!

I think Syd and Val (yep her name is Valerie also, but she spells it wrong) need to go have their eyes checked what do yall think?

Stay tuned for part two of a Saturday in Softball land.............................



Vader's Mom said...

Oh goodness. You guys stay so busy at the softball fields. I don't know how you do it. Just sitting through one game is enough to make me tired and ready from my comfy sofa.

Mike Golch said...

Hi Valarie,judt came by to say Hi,and thanks for the visit to my site.

Art said...

I hope it turned out OK. And hey, my eyes look just like that if I wear my contacts too long;)

Lisa said...

Looks like y'all had a GREAT time. :)

Are those red contacts or what?

jennifer said...

When you hit enter after you post the title instead of TAB, you wind up with a title and no stuff. Just sayin is all.

Rain rain go away, these girls want to kick butt today.

What? Who said that!

They look so pretty. I love how the pictures progress from perky to almost comotose!

Be blessed.


Valarie said...

My step-dad runs Al Bishop softball park in Cobb County, GA. My sister has played softball since she was 5. I feel your pain of rain, sister! I have worked tournaments for my step-dad and I've been to many games. There's nothing worse than rain.

Still looks like they had a great time!

~ Val

carrie said...

Yikes . . . that is definitely too messy for a softball game!

Love the photos! And, really? A moose? ;)