Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Have you ever had one of those days when just didn't know what to say? Well I am having one now. There's alot going on in this brain of mine, but I just cant think of what to blog about. :(

(Hmmmm Ponder Ponder)

What was I pondering about you might ask? Thats a good question because I do not know. This was taken on the steps at a little cabin at a park in our home town. We were taking some Senior pictures of our nephew Kyle. I was just sitting there thinking, about who knows what.

I know how about yall tell me what you think I was thinking. Yep that sounds like a plan man.

So I know that there are people out there who look at this sight and don't comment. So I am calling you out on it.

and all the people at Ricky's work who are reading this

So that is your challange come up with what you think I was thinking. If you can't do that, go comment on another post I have written.

I need some comment love people! Don't make me whine! :\



Sister Honey Bunch said...

I think you are pondering the fact that you look waaaay too young.

"Hmmm. How did I get such flawless skin? And isn't it interesting that I don't look a day older than 18. I bet Sistah HB is getting her jealous on right now"

Valarie said...

Well thank you SHB, but my sister has Photoshop so its all an illusion. :)

Lisa said...

I did not photoshop this image. I am not responsible for that young lookin' thang! :)

I did, however, photoshop her new profile picture...the black and white one with the blue jean jacket.

Lisa said...

Oh...and I KNOW what you were thinking.

Valarie: "Where can we go now to take a picture? Hmmm. I told her not to come to this park. Everybody takes pictures here. It is so like yesterday. Lisa never listens to me. But gosh darn it I look up to her so much."

Vader's Mom said...

You were pondering this..."How much would it cost to get a plane ticket and go visit Stacy before Texas gets its summer heat?"

gabriel said...

Oh, this one is easy! You were obviously thinking:

"I wonder what it would taste like if you mix sauerkraut, mustard, eggplant, and chow-chow. Hmmm. Wait, I think we have all of that... we could make it for supper tonight... oh, wait. No. We're out of mustard. Maybe... barbecue sauce? No. Peanut butter? Maybe... but all we have is whipped creamy peanut butter. Why does Logan always insist on whipped creamy? For crying out loud... you're paying extra for air in your peanut butter. I always liked the crunchy better... but he won't have it. *sigh* I wish Lisa would hurry up. I mean, she takes so darn long doing the pictures. Trying to get the light right. Trying to get just the right pose. She just butchers them up in Photoshop, anyway. Maybe I could pick up some mustard on the way home. Or... we have some White Castles left over from our trip. If I squeeze them hard enough, I might be able to extract some of the mustard. But what would I use? Bench vice? A stack of books? Oh... I can use the orange juicer! But where did I put it......"

Lisa said...

Too funny Gabe!

Butcher them up in photoshop?!?!?!?

jennifer said...

"If I put dinner on in the crock pot, soup....or a roast....and start the laundry, put Syd in the den tidying up, and Sassy La Faye scrubbing the toilets...Logan. I'll bribe Logan with that pack of M&Ms that I bought for later on tonight...hmmm...I'll get Hubby to run an errand for me, I'll have to think if something...store? Blockbuster? Then I can slip around to the computer and no one will be the wiser. I wonder if they have support groups for Blog addiction?"

...or at least that is what I would be thinking.


gabriel said...

Hey... they're Valarie's thoughts... not mine.

Susie Harris said...

Thats funny I have a 17 yr. old named Jesse too. He is a boy though. I also have a 15yr kaylee and a 7yr old Madison. I wish I looked as young as you. Tell us what you use...Susie H

We are THAT family said...

I'm pondering how you look so good pondering. No fair.

Shannon S. said...

I think you were pondering about your oldest child Jessie graduating from high school in a couple of months?

Kimmie said...

That is one great picture! I would have to guess that maybe you were thinking of all the things all us mothers never stop thinking about..."when will I get some "Me" time?"