Friday, March 21, 2008

shh...its sydney again! i aint nesecarily hijacking again...just sort of borrowin! :) but now for what i have to say.

criticizing moms work again.. . .
there aint nothin to critisize.

um...haiku time!? for the people that dont know what that is let me tell you....
haiku-a Japanese poem that does not rhyme and is about nature.

a beautiful bird
has flown away to the sky
into a new world
tommoro i will share two couplets. (i made all of these up myself for a project!)
there is alot more i am saving my first line last lines for last cause it is really good even though mom does not understand it..cause it is to high of edumacational for her.
but anyway. i got to go it is gettin late. so i am going to bed. bye bye!! :):):):)



elizabeth embracing life said...

random? yes. Interesting? yes.

Valarie said...

Ok, yall please don't think my child has issues, ok well she may have some. She does however really get good grades in English, but this post does not show it.

jennifer said...

Iffen you are a sayin' you jest dont like the way Syd n' I er a' talkin', well now missy, you needs ta git wid the program. We reads each uther lowd n' cleer!

She's cute Val, Got yourself a smart little comedian, don't you!

(Hey Syd, tell us some more!!! Have you eaten today Darlin'? Come put on a Bama shirt and have a bowl of cereal at my house!)


Vader's Mom said...

I like I know her? Syd - Feel free to visit her and put on that BAMA shirt!!

Valarie said...

okay it is me (sydney) and by the way MOM this is litereature not english! shows how much she knows about my school life and life..