Saturday, March 8, 2008


AHHHHH!!!! We actually got some snow! The weather people can keep their jobs, because they got it right for once. (the snow that is, they are very good at predicting tornados and such, but the white stuff not so much)

It was like Christmas at my house, Syd was so excited she was up bright and early to play in the snow.

Around here if your gonna play in any white stuff you better get up early, because as soon as that sun comes out its gone bye-bye.

They had to gather up snow on the cars, the trampoline and the picnic table just to get
enough snow for snowballs.

They all had lots of fun even cannon got in on the action!

Now there were two people who got lots of enjoyment out of throwing those snowballs.

Poor Charis :(

Then they all plotted an evil plan. They called there Meemama to come take pictures. She didn't expect a thing, and then Wham! She got it!

Run MeeMama Run, get out of there!

After all the snowball throwing tensions were getting high. Even the dog and cat felt it.

Then it happened........

Little Logan launched a sneak attack on his sister.
Poor thing he just wasn't quick enough to get away.

Daddy had to break them up. Look at Cannon trying to help or hurt, you never know
with that dog.

Bless his little heart. :( I would say he probably wouldn't do that again, but he will. This is Little Logan were talking about.

I think Jessie had the right idea all along.



Vader's Mom said...

Oh Jessie! She's a bright one, isn't she??

I love the action shots, but I think "big" Logan looked like he was having a bit too much fun too. What was he up to?

ValleyGirl said...

Ahhhh, YOU'RE WELCOME!! I did my best to send more snow, but obviously shipping messed up somehow. Looks like you had a great time!

jennifer said...

Valarie, girl, you have some PATIENCE! I would have been freaking out with my kids if they had tied up. They know it and they hit pinch poke whatever and dare each other to tattle.

My mom raised two only children (my brother and I are 14 yrs apart) so we didn't have anyone to tussle with. It's HARD for me around here when they start arguing and fussing. I didn't DO that so I have a hard time coping when they do!

I grew up in Shelby County, are you near there?

Be blessed - Jen

elizabeth embracing life said...

I love the excitement of your snow storm. And the attacks of snowballs on each other. Very cute.

JanMary said...

Lovely snow pics - we don't get much, but we get a few days most winters.

Hope you give the digital scrapbooking a go )

jennifer said...

Valarie honey! You are tagged! Come by my site for the details. If this doesn't fit into your partying schedule this week, I understand. Let me know if you play so I can be sure not to miss your post! Jen

IL Social Worker said...

Oh what fun photos! I should have posted on the blog party thread, but I just had to comment on the super photos and funny commentary to them. Funny that I have a connection to both states you mention. My husband's dear friend just moved his family to Southern Alabama, and Tennessee is my absolute favorite state in the whole county. We stopped to spend the night there once when driving to South Carolina. I originally come from the East Coast, and had never been in TN before. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the state and the kindness of everybody I met there, from the hotel, to the restaurant, to the gas station, and fell in love with the state forever. Happy blog party!

HRH said...

What a fun day!