Monday, March 3, 2008


I got an award, I got an award, I got an award! Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!!

My friend Jennifer gave me an award and I am so excited!! :)'

My Blog Rocks!

(By the way if you don't know the tune by which to sing my excitement to you need to go watch the Little Rascals Movie)

Thank You Jennifer! You rock too!



Sister Honey Bunch said...

Rock on with your bad self!

Valarie said...

I got a pickle. I got a pickle. I got a pickle. Hey, hey, hey, hey! (we own that movie) :-)

Congrats w/ your awesome blog! I know that I love reading it.

~ Val

Leigh said...

I am sooo dang undeniably envious of your award! Green with envy!Not only that you got it and I didnt but that is just looks so cool!
But seriously, congratulations!!