Sunday, March 2, 2008


So over at my new friend Jennifer’s blog, she had this thing called flashback post. Well I don’t think I have enough post to have a flashback with, so I am going to just have a flashback. Since I started this thing, I have been posting mostly on the current things that have been going on. So my flashback will be from stories in my past. Lets get started shall we.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Logan who had this little freckle on his neck. Now it was a cute little freckle and all, but it began to concern his mother because it was pretty dark and had a lacey edge to it. So they went to the doctor to have it checked out. Well the doctor said it did not look like it was the C word, but he did want to have it taken off.

Before we knew it, it was time to have the procedure done.

(please do not pay attention to the fact that my sheets did not match)

Logan was not happy about getting up so early to have it done. Actually he just was not happy.

He was not upset at having the procedure, he was upset at the fact of getting stitches.

He started smiling and feeling a little better after they brought the game boy in for him to play.

Then the nurses brought him this.

His very own license.

Now why do you ask does he need a license, well it was for this.

You have to have your license to drive to the operating room.

He thought it was really cool and all, but he decided he would be a big man and walk.

Logan do you feel a draft?

Finally they called me back so I could be with him while he came off the anesthesia.

He didn't say to much while he was back there. I thought he might say funny stuff, but nope he was pretty quiet.

Then they took him back to his room and they had his name on his bed.

His daddy helped him with his drink.

Ya know funny thing about him and his daddy they both have the same reaction to anethesia. They both get real mean. Now the doctor and the nurse had asked us if anyone in the family had reactions to anesthesia. Big Logan and his mom both said no they could'nt think of anything. That is until Little Logan started getting real agitated after getting back to his room. They both said that Big Logan was really ugly to the nurses after one of his surgeries. Thats when I said hey people thats a reaction to anesthesia. But it was all fine we could handle him.

Anyway this is what we went home with.

But you can't tell it was even there anymore.



Lisa said...

Awww. Bless his little heart.

Ya know...Mama asked me if you had posted today. She said you would probably be bad mouthing her. :) When I asked her why, she said you were probably gonna bad mouth her because she threw a fit about going to the creek where cotton mouths and copperheads are.

Oh. And she mentioned the difference is the birthday "lists."
I took up for ya and said, "Hey, Deta didn't even get a list." She thought about it for a minute and then wondered if Deta has seen your blog. She thinks you may be in trouble with Deta too. All I know is that I better get a HUGE list on my birthday. :) You have until October to come up with lots of good stuff.

BTW, You got that letter finished yet? No? Get to it!

Your bestest sister (she pointed this out too)

jennifer said...

I was so glad to hear from you today! Thanks for stopping by to see me.

That picture reminded me of Children's Hospital in Birmingham, the place where we had a procedure on my son's neck that sounded almost exactly as you described!!!
What a coincidence. His was not a mole, but a raised knot that had worried this mom too. And like your Logan, my kiddo was fine. He was funny and cute after the sleepy meds. A lot in common, right? Be blessed Valarie! Jennifer

jennifer said...

Hey AGAIN sweetie! I mentioned you in my blog (too - sweet of you to give me props on your post) and I left you and several others an AWARD!!! Come and get it when you get a chance. Jennifer