Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,

A beautiful day for a neighbor.

Would you be mine?Could you be mine?

..It's a neighborly day in this beauty wood,

A neighborly day for a beauty.

Would you be mine?Could you be mine?

...I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you.

I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.

So, let's make the most of this beautiful day.

Since we're together we might as well say:

Would you be mine?Could you be mine?

Won't you be my neighbor?

Won't you please,Won't you please?

Please won't you be my neighbor?

Ok, so you are probably sitting there saying, "Yep she has finally lost it, Valarie has finally gone a little wacko" .

Well nothing could be farther from the truth.

I got an award yesterday, from my wonderful friend Jennifer. So far that makes two that I have gotten. Both of them have been from Jennifer. So thank you ever so much. You are a super great person and I am so glad that we have become friends. One day we might even get to meet each other.
So lets pay it forward and give out the love. I would like to award this fine honor to the following people.

My lovely sister Lisa

My smart, witty, and handsome nephew Gabe

My oh so special cousin Stacey

My dear friend Valarie in Mexico

My wonderful friends Sister Honey Bunch and Sassy



Kari & Kijsa said...

Congratulations on your wonderful award! You had us smiling!!

kari & kijsa

Lisa said...

Thanks Valarie! Do I get a check with this awared? :)

Nadine said...

Congratulations on your award. I enjoyed the walk down Mr. Rogers memory lane.

Kimmie said...

Hi Valerie!
Congratulations on your Award! How cute you did yours. I got one to from Jen and I still am trying to figure out how I want to post it. I wish I was as clever as the both of you are with your posts. LOL!
My Dad is doing well...and may go home tomorrow. Not sure yet. I am so relieved...and as for me, I am much better also. Thank You So Much for the kindness you showed me...I will always remember you offering me to take your hand. I was very touched. You are a very special person, always remember that.
How was your Saturday? Mine went by kinda slow. I had to get up early today for my Chiropractor visit. Ugh..six o'clock I was in the shower on a Saturday! After getting my adjustment, I went to the gym. I was given the okay to work out now, well on a low impact workout. I have severe RA and have just started to make some positive strides Two weeks ago I went for my visit and my bloodwork showed that my inflamatory enzymes were finally normal. So I was given the okay to exercise...thank you Lord Jesus!
The rest of the day has just kinda mosied by. I rested, computed and then rested again. LOL! I'm feelin' a little tired.

Well, I just wanted to stop in and say Hi! Have a lovely night and beautiful Sunday.


Mike Golch said...

Valarie,just had to come visit ya,Jenn@dustbunnyhostage gave you a mention and so I just had to come and visit.

Rhea said...

Ok, I did think you were losing it at first, but that's a sweet post.

Love the black pants post also. hehe, especially the "what not to wear" part.

I have grandparents in Auburn, Alabama. They teach at the Vet School at Auburn University.

Valarie said...

Thank you very much! My husband was looking at it with me and he was saying how he thinks it's so funny & cool that we have become friends.

Also, an extra thanks because now I will have that song in my head for the rest of the day :-)!

Have a great Sunday!!!

jennifer said...

Do you know I came by here yesterday and forgot to comment? I have dust for brains I'm afraid.

I'm glad you like the Mr. Rogers award. You deserve a little award love.

Have a happy Sunday - I sent the kids and hubby to church without me. Got a case of mystery blues.


jennifer said...

OH! And glad to see that Mike Golch had made his way over here from Hostage Central. He is a nice Blogland neighbor.


gabriel said...


...and I just realized that you actually gave me an award. Cool! Thank you, Valarie!!