Monday, March 31, 2008


So what do you do when you have a two hour break in between games?

Go to the Mall (Check)

Get something to eat (Check)

Go wash My Car (Check)

Hey lets go for a ride through the car wash!

Boy that was fun! Now lets clean the inside! :)

My car was nassssttttyyyy, but what do you expect when you are carting around a car load full of softball players who have red dirt all over them.



Sister Honey Bunch said...

Now let's go over to Sistah HB's and clean her nasty car.

new mommy said...

Hey Val, it's April. I liked your blog so much that I decided to start my own! It's fun...never thought I would be a blogger!

new mommy said...

Hey Val, this is april. Loved your blog so I thought I would try it's really fun!! I can ramble for hours and no one tells me to shut up! I guess they can still ignore me though!!!

We are THAT Family said...

Now, that is some kind ingenuity-cleaning your entire car with WIPES. Does that say Mom, or what?

Dawn said...

Can you all come over and clean my vehicle? We went to the coast this weekend and it's covered in a nice film of road grime, sea salt and sand. You can imagine what my two kiddos tracked onto the floorboards! (Sigh...) One more item for my "to do" list this week!

Mike Golch said...

Hi Val,I just thought that I'd pop in and say Hi. I had a snide remake about haveing too much time on one's hands to post about going thru a car wash,but I thought that I'd say something nice first.(it's just my silly sence of humor)