Monday, March 24, 2008


"Mostly" happy children Easter morning. Can you tell which ones were not ready to get up.

The Easter Bunny even brought Cannon a treat!

FAMILY PHOTO TIME ( They hate doing this)

This years photo shoot went pretty well, no crying or anything went on, so it was a good day. :)



We are THAT family said...

I LOVE the pics of your teens. So happy about being resurrected from bed. My 8 year old gave me THAT exact look the other day. I ran to my bed and covered my head with my blankie. Not ready. said...

What a beautiful family!I love the photos, your photo shoot went much better than mine!

The Park Wife

Vader's Mom said...

I love the family photos & I want copies!!!

I love the head-tilt thing LL is least he doesn't make faces in like his daddy did!!

I thought of you guys a lot yesterday...remember the year we got Jessie's eggs when she was done and the 6 of us hid the eggs from each other? Boys against girls. I need to find that's around somewhere.

jennifer said...

Beautiful Family!!! Your hubby and you each got your own mini me. Sydney looks like Dad and softball Daughter looks like you. And the BOY, he just looks like trouble! LOL! I love boys that look like trouble - I've got one of my own.

Going to post this comment and swing back over and read ALL of your kids names (sheesh, how embarrassing). Sydney, now that Chick-a-pea left an impression. Who could forget her name?!!


(pssst....Syd....I'm 'a hankerin' fer me some poetry)

jennifer said...

Must have had poster's remorse or I remembered their photos being on the side and remembered WRONG. Logan, right? And Sassy La Faye for Softball daughter.


carrie said...

Those are great pictures! You have a beautiful family. :)

Shannon S. said...

I think everyone took a great family picture. We need to get our family picture made again soon!!

Kimmie said...

What a Beautiful Family you have. My children are grown and I am an empty nester...its very lonely! Enjoy every minute of every day with them. How I miss the times when they were young like that.