Friday, May 30, 2008


Just weird I tell you. This is what we do for fun. We take goofy pictures just so we can laugh at each other. Now I am missing a picture to show you, because Deta left before these were taken. I think she will be thankful after she sees the following photos.

Since its my blog, I guess I will go first...


Now here is Robin...


Lisa :)......


And now my children :).....







Y'all I really love the ones of the kids, I think I might use them for Christmas cards. So needless to say we can get pretty goofy when we all get together. I have plenty more goofy pictures that I will try to put on here for the weekend.

Thursday, May 29, 2008



I really like lotions. So much so that I have all sorts of them, because I am always trying new ones. Trying to find "the one".

You know the one that smells good, but not overpowering. Feels good, but not greasy. Then most importantly, it should last for a long time before having to reapply.

Well I think I have found "the one", and it does not cost an arm and a leg! Yeah!!!!!

I actually bought this for my hubby to use, but I have since taken it over.

Jergens Shea Butter


This stuff is great, I put it on and it last all day. I don't feel greasy and it absorbs pretty quickly. My skin has never felt better. I am highly recommending this stuff. So if any of you out there work for the Jergens company, I am willing to take free samples of the stuff.

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So we have all been playing Kristens little big Blog Carnival. So far no one has gotten hurt. That is until today, today I am gonna throw myself out there. Gonna throw myself under the bus before Lisa someone else gets a chance to do it for me. Before I do that though, lets just take a trip back. Back to a day when people would dress me up cute, and I had chubby cheeks and people thought I was just the cutest little thing.

I give you Lisa and me at Christmas one year, I believe maybe 1975??


Then here is Lisa and myself playing the piano. Look how lovingly she is looking at me. I mean look at those checks, how could anyone not love those cheeks. (we do not know how she got the black eye either)


Then here we are doing, oh I don't know really what was going on in this picture. I'm just watching her stand there in her purdy dress.


After a few years they started letting me make my own hair decision.

Bad choice people.

Can I give you my advice on this situation? Guide your children along, don't let them go all willy nilly on you and think they can get their hair cut like Donnie Osmond. It will haunt them for the rest of their adult lives!!

So here is hair trauma number one. This was during my Donnie Osmond phase.


This is my nephew Caby Baby (thats what I have always called him) and my younger sister Robin. She has all that naturally curly hair.

Which brings me to hair disaster number two. :(

I wanted to have curly hair. Everyone else was getting curly hair, so why couldn't I have it. Well I'll tell you why I shouldn't have gotten it. I was to young to know how to fix it!!! Where were the adults in this situation??? Why didn't anyone stop me??? The most burning question though is who took me to do this???


I'm sure you can pick me out of this line up! I would be the one who looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket. So the answer to the burning question who took me to do this??? Well her name starts with an L and it sorta rhymes with pizza.

***Update - After talking with Lisa she says she did not do this. No she did not give me the perm, but I remember her taking me to get a perm. She says our mother took me to get this one. I don't remember that so if she did I blocked the memory from my mind. So sorry Lisa if I said you did something that you didn't. You still love me though :o)***

(Oh and see that guy in the striped shirt beside me, well thats one of my other nephews Gabe. He is on my blogroll as Gabe One and Gabe Two. With the exception of me and Robin, all the kids in that picture up there are our neices and nephews. Yes I am an Aunt to neices and nephews pretty much the same age as me, give or take a couple of months or years.)

**Just so you all know, my sisters and I, all get along fine. We just like to pick at each other. :o) **

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hey yall if you get a minute go over to this new blog. Its my sister Deta. :o) She is very new to the bloggy world. I mean like she just got one today. So go on over and tell her hello!


I'm still doing the workout/boot camp at 5:00 in the morning. Some progress is being made, I think my body comp went down by a couple of points. It was not very good, but it is getting better. I know y'all think its hard getting up that early, and frankly its not my favorite thing to do.

But its not that hard when you get to look at this while your working out.............

God can sure paint some pretty pictures. :)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Would you look at that!!


What? You don't see anything? Well let me just get a close up.


Pay no attention to the cob webs in the corner of my porch.

Lets focus on the honey bees.


Lots and lots of honey bees! They have decided to take up residence in the vinyl siding that is the ceiling of my front porch.

Guess what? Beekeepers don't like messing with them when they get into the house. Now, they are not like flying around in my house, just living in the walls. So I am on my third beekeeper, hopefully he will call me back and we can get something done about this.

Now one beekeeper did give me one suggestion. He told me I could learn to live with them and then collect the honey as it runs down the rocks.

Hmmmmmm let me think.........Ummmmm No!

He was a very sweet man, and if I did not have Jessie freaking out on me because its right under her room, this might have been an ok idea.

So anyway if you are coming to my house, come to the backdoor or just be very careful and don't disturb my bees.



Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, through my life crisis I was having. A lot of you have asked how she is doing and what any future plans are.

Well, I tried to get her to guest blog on here, but she said I could go ahead and just tell you all what you wanted to know.

Jessie did not go away on a graduation trip. We had thought about going to Jamaica or something, but it just did not come together. She would not have went down there by herself, though I would have went with her. Just cause she graduated does not make her a full fledged adult.

She will be attending a local college for about a semester and then she will hopefully be going into a radiology program for about 2 years. At that point she might look into going into an ultrasound program.

She will be working through out the summer and while she is going to school. If she gets into the radiology program she will not really be able to work, so she will not be leaving home anytime soon. (I am not ready for that yet)

So you want to know how she is doing?

She is almost ready to fly..................................


Monday, May 26, 2008


Would you look at what made an appearance at Daddy's house today.......

(if your not sure what I am talking about go here)

Just so y'all know, Lisa had to leave Daddy's before me, and I had to bring her son and her potato salad home with me.

Well only the son and the contents of that bowl left my house when she came back to pick them up. She is such a nice sister like that.

I promise tomorrow there will be lots and lots to post about. I am about to go to bed though. After being gone all dad gum weekend my reader had about 50 post, I had to go through. (I didn't just want to hit mark as read or anything) So anyway I am tired, my house is a mess and I will resume all this again tomorrow.

Did y'all miss me, I missed y'all!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More graduation pics....

Well, since we haven't heard from Valarie today, I thought I would share some more pictures of Jessie's graduation. I have more. I have waaaaaaay more. Funny thing, I didn't get one focused picture of her coming across the stage. Sheesh. Lisa

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hijack from Lisa :)

Ok. All of y'all are mad at me now. Valarie can sometimes be too nosey for her own good. But just to keep the lynch mob from coming after me, I've offered Valarie one of the jadite bowls. You know what this means don't you? It means I won't have one at all now. Why? Its a well known fact about me. I can't stand for anyone to be left out. You see, Robin, our youngest sister will read this and might feel left out. So that means I will give her the remaining bowl. It always winds up like this.

(Deta, Jan, Marsha, Mama, etc, etc, etc, if you are reading this, please know that I am thinking about you too. I just have only two bowls to give out right now. Please don't feel left out.) :) Thank you very much.

Anyhoo. I get so dadgummed wrapped up in making sure everybody feels included. I think I need therapy.

Why am I telling y'all all this? Good grief. I do need therapy.

While I'm trying to reach Dr. Phil, I hope you enjoy these pictures from Jessie's graduation. Valarie was upstairs and I was downstairs. I snagged this picture of her and she didn't know it. I had y'all in mind at the time. Your welcome. :)

Oh...Valarie is off who knows where at a ball tournament. She said she'll be back soon. She was worried about y'all. Thats why I'm here. To babysit. :) :)

Can you find her? She's right in the middle.

Friday, May 23, 2008


So I finally figure out how to see where people come to my site from. Thanks to Kristen over at We are THAT Family, who told me about "sitemeter". So I download this little handy dandy gadget, and I am off. So after clicking back and forth on it for hours several times, I finally get a hit from "Google". Oh what did "Google" bring me today. :o)

So I open the page and there are 5 items that list my blog url. So I look at them and think interesting what this little sitemeter can do. Then there is one that catches my eye.

Oh my goodness there is one from the Pioneer Woman! Did she search for me! Did she hear that I like to put mayonnaise on my face and she wants me to come to the Ranch and tell her all about it. So then I notice these three little words.............

"My sister Valarie"

Umm excuse me, what! This is what it looked like:

PW Home and Garden » Blog Archive » My Favorite Things: Fire King ...

My sister Valarie ( both love to read your website. When I heard you mention something the other day about liking Jadite, ... - 142k -
Cached - Similar pages - Note this


So I proceed to click on above said link and this is what I found:



On April 12th, 2008 at 11:41 pm Lisa said:

My sister Valarie ( both love to read your website. When I heard you mention something the other day about liking Jadite, I decided I had better go ahead and snag the jadite serving bowls that our Mama has. I really like Jadite. Valarie would have wanted them just because you like them. :)

I asked for them yesterday and Mama gave them to me. Whew…just in time for this post.

Poor Valarie will be outta luck. Poor thing. Not. :)

Thanks Ree!


Do you see what she did! She deliberately took that Jadite, knowing that I would probably want it. Now being the nice sister I am, I would have shared the Jadite with her, but nooooooo not Lisa Beth, she was keeping it for herself. I did not even know she liked the stuff. Yes I started really liking the stuff after seeing it on PW's blog, but I had seen it before and liked it then also. I just did not know what it was.

So anyway, now I don't feel nearly as bad as I did for posting a poll about her choice of footwear. Which by the way has been getting better ever since I put that poll up.

Fight the Frump - Curly Q


Last week we talked about hair care in general and its importance. This week I want to break it down a bit. I want to talk to you about naturally curly hair. Now if you have stick straight hair like me you may be going great a tip I can't even use, but I'm sure you know someone who has curly hair who can use this advice.

Let me introduce you all to my younger sister Robin. This is Robin back in the day, holding our baby cousin Justin. Justin is graduating High School tomorrow night. I am telling you these kids are growing up to fast.

(Note if I never blog on here again its because she has killed me)


Robin has always had a problem with curly hair. Why I can remember when we were just youngens growing up near the hollers of TN (if you don't know what a holler is let me know I will explain) , I used to love to show of Robins curly hair. I had straight as a board hair. I had to pay for my curls. So I loved playing with her curls and since she was younger than me I made her let me show them off to random people. Like say in the middle of a grocery store if someone commented on her hair, I would make her flip her head over to revel her little curly q's she had.

She was always complaining about how she hated her hair. Do all curly headed people do this? Complain about their curly hair? Anyway when she was younger it did get quite frizzy on top. She had a natural fro thing going. So she has always hated the frizziness that is her hair. Well on day out Sister Lisa got her and my other sister Deta a book on Curly hair. It was called "Curly Girl".


If you have curly hair I suggest you go get it. It changed Robins life, really it did. Let me just tell you one thing that she does that actually had me a little weirded out.

SHE DOES NOT WASH HER HAIR WITH SHAMPOO!!! Yep you heard me, or actually read me, she does not use shampoo. I think within the last 9 months, she has probably only washed her hair with shampoo when she went to the salon.

This is what she does. She washes with conditioner only. Apparently it contains enough soap to keep your scalp clean. Shampoo contains alcohol and alcohol dries out your curly hair, thus causing frizzies.

So she washes with the conditioner on her scalp and then runs conditioner through the rest of her hair. Then she rinses, and this is another key to curly hair, with luke warm water. Hot water will cause frizzies. Then she does not wrap a towel around her head. She scrunches her hair with the towel to get the water out. Then she adds her product to her hair and lets it dry natural if possible and does not run here fingers through it if at all possible. She will use a defuser on the hairdryer if she is in a hurry.

Now me being the loving sister that I am, I check her pretty much every time I see her. I will look at her scalp to make sure she doesn't have cooties, and I smell it to make sure it smells clean. So far no cooties and her hair smells pretty darn good.

If I had curly hair this is what I would be doing, because her hair has never looked better.


Oh and Robin wanted me to tell you about the time I got this great idea from TEEN magazine. They were showing you how to trim the dead ends off your hair by flipping your head over and putting it into a ponytail on the very top of your head. Then you were suppose to snip about 1/4 inch of hair off the tips. So I convinced Robin to let me try it out on her. Well let me just say this little trick does not work so well on curly hair. :o)

For more Frump Fighting tips head on over to Fussy's, I am sure you will get more wonderful advice, from some wonderful Ladies.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I would like to just say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the nice things everyone said yesterday. Even though I cried pretty much anytime I read one of your comments. Jessie appreciates it also. She knows that you all said many kind things, but I don't know if she has read them yet. Yesterday when I showed them to her, she said "I can't I just can't read them right now". She said that with tears in her eyes, which then made me cry and thus continued "Sobfest 2008".

So in honor of Graduation, Sobfest 2008, and Fro me to you, I thought I would show you Logan, Jessie, and my graduation pictures. Lets start with.....hmmmm.......Logan yeah lets start with him this time. :o)

Look at him all handsome in his tux, at 17.

Then there is me. Again could my hair get any bigger, and just look at those fried ends from all those spiral perms.

Then look at what those two up there made. Our beautiful Jessie May (thats a nick name I call here)

Now look at the three of us! Some 17 years and 10 months later. :o)

They look happy here, but you should have seen Syd and L.L. on the way back to the car. I thought I was gonna have to seperate them, ok I did have to seperate them. Then on the way home, they were so sweet. I was sitting in the back with them and L.L. laid his head on my shoulder, and then Syd laid on his, and they slept that way all the way home.

And here we all are one big happy family. :o)

And here we are with my Mama.

I threw this one in, because I just love this picture of Jessie and Emily. I don't think you can really tell that well on here, but it shows just how blue Emily's eyes are and Just how brown Jessie's are.

So that was my blast from the way past and last night. I hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully, I will stop feeling all weepy sometime soon. I know, I know its a happy occasion. Its just that feeling of the final stage of childhood, and this was one of the last big things on the list.

For somemore and possibly less tear filled Fro me to you head on over to Kristens site. Tell you just came from Sobfest 2008.