Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cause I'm Shameless


There is this awesome Etsy shop out there in Etsy land, that I think you need to know about! 


This place has some awesome items!  Just look at some of this awesome jewelry!




This would so go with what I have on right now!


Can you say goes with everything!


Moonshine Jewelry is run by an awesome girl named Amanda, and she just happens to be my niece!!!!!  So go now and check her out.  You never know if yall go over and order stuff, she might just give me a kickback on something. 

~cough cough "green with envy bracelet" cough cough~


Love you Mandy!!!!

(By the way don't call her that, it ruffles her feathers)


Amanda and the most awesomely awesome Aunt evah!



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Barbie the place you will go....



Ya know I have been sitting around thinking about what to blog.  I mean my creativity has been a little lacks lately and I just feel that I can't bore you with all my ball stuff.  Then on the way home the other night, a random blog post just fell into my lap.


As I was minding my own business, driving down the parkway I see the strangest sight.  So I pull out my trusty camera to document what my eyes are seeing....



Do you see it?????  This is not just an ordinary Harley!  This is a Harley with a pole dancing Barbie!


Oh Barbie the things you have seen.....


Dear Mr. Motorcycle Man, 

Thank you for letting me take your picture, even though you did not know it.  I have tried to keep your identity save.

kthanx :)


Thursday, April 16, 2009




Ok so I just saw this status update from Mr. Archiemck himself.......



RT @helsinkiwinner: Can't stop laughing at <-- Awesome!


Oh sorry you don't know what a status is?  Bless your heart.....

Well its a crackbook thing.  Sorry, Facebook..:)


This website is awesome, I don't think I have laughed so hard in forever!!! 

Here are some examples:






Go on over have a laugh and if you see me on that website, let me know. K? K :)


Oh and by the way... The dog is at the neighbors again, this after Big Logan calls me wanting to know why there is a dog in his garage.  :)



Monday, April 13, 2009


The other day, Friday to be exact, we had some major storms come thru here. It left a path of destruction and debris in its path. It also left a dog at my house.....

(Not actual dog, this is just a dog that looks like the dog)

We now have a Miniature Collie, or Sheltie running around outside.

You see I got this call right after the storms from Jessie telling me, "Oh mommy, we have a new little dog, he is oh so cute and precious, and well mannered, and pretty, and precious, and can we keep him? Huh Huh Huh Huh.......

Me being the wonderful Mother that I am, I said that dog better be gone, by the time I get home! So they took it over to my sister Lisa's house to try to pawn it off on her. It was close and she almost caved, but in the end she held her ground.

I told the girls, he probably just got lost during the storm, let him run around and he will eventually go home.

Saturday, the dog is still here running around.

Saturday evening the dog is gone. :)

Then I find out that the dog is at the neighbors in the back yard. At this point I am thinking better you than me.

Sunday still no sign of the dog running around, still must be at Josh's.

Sunday evening, the dog is back at my house. (I did not tell the girls, I went in the house and never mentioned seeing a dog)

Monday morning, the dog is walking with my Mother-in-Law... Ugh!

Monday evening (tonight) , I just stopped Jessie as she was driving down our road, on my way back from the gym. She had the dog in her lap, in the car!

Now to make this whole thing worse, other than the fact that Jessie does not want to actively seek the owner, she went and took the dog off the neighbors front porch this evening.

My child is a dog stealer......Lord help her :(

When I asked her what she had to say for herself, this was her response.....

"Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers"

Please, If anyone has lost a Miniature Collie in the North Alabama area, please email me, I think he is at my house.

Paaaaaaalllleeeeaaassseeeeee! I don't want another dog! :(

Friday, April 10, 2009

E.C. VS THE E.C.W :)


There are times when you see an opportunity and you just have to seize it.  Seize it I tell ya!




Pocket Edward woopin up on some wrestlers!


Logan put Pocket Edward down!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009




Ok I was a bad bad photographer this weekend.  I guess the whole making sure 12 teenage girls get ready and get to where they have to go, did a number on me.  I kept leaving the house with out my camera.  So what you are about to experience is D-NOW on Saturday evening after we got back from the Church.  At this point we had all the girls and the 11th and 12th grade boys.  For a total of 16 teenagers.

First It was about 11:00 at night and I hopped them up on sugar, cause I am brave that way.  I will look danger in the face and say bring it on in the form of a bunch of teenagers.

*** Disclaimer - I will only stand in the face of danger in the form of a bunch of teenagers, if they are good teenagers.  These were good teenagers.  At least they were at that moment. ;)

We made Smeeps!  What you have never heard of smeeps?? Well let me show you!



Smores with Peeps = SMeeps


What, What!!!!



Mmmmmm Sugary goodness!


Jake, one of the guys, then took my camera and started taking random pictures.


See my Vacuum?  Yeah I heard Martha Stewart say one time that if your vacuum is out when company comes over, it makes it seem like you are all domesticated and stuff.  At least I think it was Martha Stewart?  Maybe it was Peg Bundy ......


Someone needs a haircut....












Ummm Yeah.........

More to come....well more to come when I get more pictures from Melinda, since she took her camera.  :)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My sister made me do this :)


Cause she is tired of reading my last post.  So I am now posting a post to replace the previous post. :)


Once I can get my pictures downloaded, I will show you my weekend for D-now.

Picture this 10 to 12 teenage girls in my house trying to get ready, and then when we would have down time most of the teenage boys were at my house also.  So at one point I had 18 teenagers and Little Logan in the house.  It was quite and experience.  :) 


More to come soon.......