Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moving on Up


I know you all have been wondering about my poor crazy turtle.    Anyway you will all be happy to know that they have a new home.  they are moving up in the world.  They are now out of their temporary housing situation seen here...

turtle012 turtle015

And they now live in a 20 gallon mansion, complete with heat lamp, filter,  floating sunning pad, rock tower, cave, and lots of rocks to dig through.




Speaking of moving on up.  Syd moved I kicked her out of her room and up into Jessie's room  with her.  (sisterly bonding) So what was I to do, but turn her room into my own personal craft, scrapbook, shut the door and get away from the chaos room.  :)


This is the closest that is storing all my stuff, the room itself is still a work in progress....I am just showing you the real thing. 


Actually all that is sorta cleaned up now and I am making it my own.  I have big plans for this room, big plans.  I need your help though.  I need ideas on what color I should paint the room.  I mean as you can tell it is a bright and cheery hot pick.  There is also a bathroom off to the side that is neon, vibrant, "atomic vomit Jimmy Neutron" green.   I also need storage ideas, maybe some craft station ideas, basically organizing ideas.  I know I want to do the peg board thing, but that is about as far as I have gotten with my planning.  By the way this room is also the new home of the turtle's, and the hermit crab.  They are my roomies. (If they were not in here they would probably die, because no one else would care for them.)


Saturday, August 30, 2008



College Football time is here!!!  Let the craziness begin, let the maniacs come out.  :)






Waaarrrrrrr Eaaaggggllleee HEY!


Friday, August 29, 2008

I sure am glad he is tough

****If you are looking for my Sizzling Summer its one post down****

My blog buddy Domestic Spaz is having a little get together over at her place. She has a friend who is expecting a new baby in December. Her first, so she is a bit scared about the whole mommy thing. Oh weren't we all! :) She wants us to give a story of a parenting boo boo, a lack in judgement, a mistake, maybe and uh-oh. Well let me tell you, I have plenty!!! For this particular post, I am going to give you a story about Little Logan. He is my third, so even a mommy who has been there already has her moments.

Logan was probably about 6 months old and we were on a shopping trip to Costco. I was there with my friend Lisa. (Hi Lisa!! She reads this, but doesn't ever comment. She is a lurker.) I can't remember if her daughter Kassi was with us or not. Anyway, we were going down the aisle and had stopped to look at something. I had Logan in a stroller and Lisa had a buggy. We were standing there talking, and had been in that spot for a few minutes. As we decide to move on down the aisle, I noticed that the stroller would not move. Something was blocking it. So I look to the front of the stroller, and notice a precious 6 month old Little Logan on the concrete floor of Costco. He had gotten through the straps and had slid out of the stroller, at 6 months old. This scared the snot out of me. We also got really tickled! I mean what if I had decided to just pull my stroller backwards and go on down the aisle the other way? Would they have come over the intercom and announced "whoever forgot your baby on aisle 4 please come pick him up at the service desk". I still get tickled thinking about it. Should you get tickled about almost leaving your baby in an aisle in the store, because you did not know he crawled out?

He has always been an active little boy. He started walking at 9 months old and has not slowed down since. You just never know what that boy will get into, and he has always been this way. Would ya'll look at his little face, it has stinker written all over it....


And it still does!


So friend of Domestic Spaz, it will be ok. You will know exactly what to do. It will just come natural. Cherish even these little moments, that may seem so scary to you. It is the best experience you will ever have.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sizzling Summer


sizzle copy

Since we went to an "all year round" school year, our summers have been extremely to short.  If you have kids that are involved in school sports, or band your summer is even shorter.  Normally one of the two months is filled with camp, clinics, and ball games.  Then when you add in Vacation Bible School, and Church camp, you might get a good three weeks to go anywhere.  So you take what chances you get to do anything.

Syd was on a traveling softball team, so most of our weekends were spent at a ballpark.  At one point this summer we went to a ball tournament (Saturday & Sunday), came home packed went to church camp, came home from camp the following Saturday, had a week off, had softball tournament Friday & Saturday, and then that Sunday Syd left for Orlando for a Leadership conference for church for another week.  It got pretty hectic there for a while.

In July we were able to go to the beach, but with a catch.  We had a softball tournament.  :)  Let me say this again, softball tournaments at the beach are exactly the same as a tournament in your own town.  Softball fields are softball fields!  Some just look a little prettier than others.  Oh and you can't see the beach at the tournament, actually part of your games aren't anywhere near the beach.  They are sometimes about 45 minutes away.  All that to say, you have limited beach time.


Here is Syd on the phone (whats new) looking at the beach, but about to leave for a ball game.

We did have a pretty good time though while we were there.  We didn't do a lot of tourist attractions this year.  We choose to go to the beach every opportunity we could.  My sister Deta did get to take some good pictures of Syd and Logan while we were down there.

syd2 Sydney Painting toe nails copy

logan5 logan4


We actually did this one shoot, where we "trashed" a dress.  Well actually two dresses.  Syd and I had our picture made together all in white.  Then when the shoot was over, we walked into the ocean with our white dresses on.  Just a note for future reference, don't go into the ocean with a  white dress on.  It becomes invisible.  This is a family blog so I can't put those pictures up here.  Like I would do that anyway.

You may be wondering where is Jessie during all this?  Well, a funny thing happens when you graduate from high school and start working an almost full time job.  You don't just "get" a vacation anymore.  So you don't get to go on the family vacations like you used to.  It's awful growing up.

Just a reminder to all of you down on the gulf or going to the gulf.  With Gustav coming watch the flags if they say this.....


and you go ahead and get into the water, this might happen.


You might have to be rescued from the water.


So all in all we had a good time this summer.  Busy, but fun.  We are hoping to go back to the beach this fall.  Maybe it will be a slower paced trip than this last one.


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Kristens at We are THAT Family.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fro Me To You - In Laws



My hubby came in with this photo the other day from his mom's house.  I just fell in love with it.  I am going to put it in my house. :)  I don't know what makes me love it so much.  My mother-in-Laws hair, my father-in-laws cowboy hat and cigar.  Maybe the pretty horse.  Who knows, but I just love it.  I think it might have been taken around here, I am not sure.


You know how you see someone all the time and sometimes you just don't see the resemblance in them and other people?   Well this is one of those times.  I just really got to looking at this picture, and went WOW!  My father-in-law must have been about 35 here, because the resemblance in him and my husband is scary.


Me and Logan


Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law

Just plain scary how much it looks like Logan now.


For more pictures of look a likes, and just plain great pictures from the past go visit Kristen at We are THAT Family.


My Tag is itching me



I am a bad blogger.  I really am. I am hiding my head in bloggy shame. :(   I have awards that need to be given out and tagging that needs to be taken care of.  Alas, I am a bad blogger and have done none of it.  So I am going to do one.  Its easy, and its on my mind so here we go.....


Ten Years Ago:

I was 25 years old and married with two little girls!  Little Logan would come into the picture in about two years.  I was probably working for a government contractor at the time.  Pretty typical and boring life.


My to do list today:

Get up

Get kids ready for school

Drop Syd and Wes off at school



Fix my hair

Fix Diane's hair

Fix Henri's hair

Fix Cathye's hair

Film Commercial (Stupid commercial)

Talk to Jessie at office (in between her classes.  My baby is in college.)




Go Home get Syd

Go to Church (Choir Practice)

Go Home

Go to Bed

Start all over in the  morning


Snack that I enjoy:

Warm chocolate chip cookies  :)


Things I would do if I were a millionaire:

Give to church and then some.

Pay off all my debts

Put money back for my kids

Organize my house

Go on vacation

Buy a Beach House


Places I have lived:




So there you have some random boring facts about me.  :)


Tag, Tag, Tag hmmm  who can I tag.  Ok I have it!  I tag the following people:


Dana - I wanna talk about me

Marie - Stafford Wife

Brandy - The Johnson 5 Gang

Misty - Two little McMonkeys

April - Strive Fitness

They are some of my local blog buddies here where I live.  Actually I go to church with all of them.  I think I have started something with this blog thing.



Freckles :)



Logan and his cousin Jacob.  They are 6 days apart.  :) 

Would you look at how cute their freckles are!


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008



For all of you who may be coming over her from my dear dear dear friend Jennifer's site at Dust Bunny Central.  I thought I would just let you have a little taste of the good stuff!  Enjoy!!!



Oh I am so ready!!  War Eagle!!!!



Monday, August 25, 2008

Lets go back in time, again! :)

Yall this may be the last time you hear from me for awhile, because when my sister Robin sees this, she is liable to beat the snot out of me. :)

You know my last post was on the whole yearbook yourself thing. Well I wanted to show you how much my Mama, my sister Lisa, and my sister Robin, and myself look alike. Lisa did hers and her husband's, you can go see them here. Robin on the other hand has not done hers. :) I also need to do pictures of my sisters Deta and Jan, and my brother David, so yall watch out, your next. :)'

Here we go, its been nice knowing you.

Mama, Lisa, Me, Robin......

mamaflip Yearbook 1960 LISA

myYearbookPhoto myYearbookPhoto1960ROBIN

I don't have the little dimple thing going on , so I think they look more like Mama than I do. Is that not crazy looking though?

Now when I did all these I stupidly put them all in the same folder. Let me tell you its hard trying to figure them all out.

Lets do some more look alike things. This time it will be Lisa, Me, Robin, Jessie, Sydney.

The year 1990.....

Yearbook 1990 LISA myYearbookPhoto1990myYearbookPhoto1990ROBIN

myYearbookPhoto1990JESSIE myYearbookPhoto1990syd

Now remember Jessie and Syd are mine. :)

This is fun! Lets do another! Same order.....


Yearbook 1966 LISA myYearbookPhoto1966 myYearbookPhoto1966ROBIN

myYearbookPhoto1966JESSIE myYearbookPhotosyd1966


Yearbook 1968 LISA myYearbookPhoto1968 myYearbookPhoto1968ROBIN

myYearbookPhoto1968JESSIE myYearbookPhotosyd1968


Yearbook 1996 LISA myYearbookPhoto1996 myYearbookPhoto1996ROBIN

myYearbookPhoto1996JESSIE myYearbookPhoto1996syd


myYearbookPhoto1994lisamyYearbookPhoto1994 myYearbookPhoto1994ROBIN

myYearbookPhoto1994JESSIE myYearbookPhoto1994syd

Now this is where Robin might get me :)

This was my favorite! I was rolling in the floor! This looks just like her when she was little.

myYearbookPhoto1982ROBIN CVR

See thats her on the right. :)

Just so this doesn't seem so bad lets show Lisa's.

yearbook 1982 LISA

Well its been nice knowing yall. Think about me sometime. ;)