Friday, April 23, 2010

Just sayin...



So I am not one to brag about anything. So I am not gonna brag.  I am just stating a fact.

I went to the Dove Awards and got to sit 3 seats away from Ricky Skaggs!!!!!  He even said I could step on him if I needed to when I was leaving my seat. :)  Lets see who else did I see??? Oh yeah! Brian "Head" Welch former guitarist for Korn.  He is now a born again Christian and I must say being a child who grew up listening to Heavy Metal and Hair Bands...yeah I was totally siked to see him!!!!!!  He performed with "Red" and let me just say it was so awesome!  They totally rocked the place!

I also got to see......TOBYMAC!!!!!!!!!! Yeah he was right there like about 30 feet from me.  I thought I might loose it there for a second but I held it together.  They performed "Funky Jesus Music" and it was awesome!  This is apparently a video someone shot from the balcony at the Dove Awards.  So its a little shaky, but you will get the picture. 


At this point I am on the lower level in the middle.  You  never know you might actually see me if your looking hard enough when you watch on GMC Sunday  night at 8/7 central!!!  Come on you know you want to watch.  :)

To say that I am a little excited that I got to go to this is an understatement.  It was so much fun!

So go see if your cable of Satellite channel carries GMC so you can Tivo the Dove Awards.  If they don't carry it find someone who does and go watch it.  It was a great night with amazing performances.  You don't want to miss it.  By the way I am not getting paid to promote the show.  It was just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!