Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am losing followers :( I am a loser...

1. I guess that means I should post something. I am tired of giving you my reasons for being gone, because I sound like a broken record. Busy, Busy, Busy lets just put it that way.


2. So the other day as I was doing my elliptical trying to read, I realized that it was difficult to read and do an elliptical. Your head bounces all over the place and you can't stay focused on the words.


3. Warning this is a random post


DSC_0474 DSC_0476


4. Out my backdoor looking at a storm....


5. The story about the baby chicks is partially true. Lisa said Mama bought them though after Lisa picked them out of the front window at Koons Department store. We really did eat them, I asked my Daddy to be sure.


6. Koons Department store burned to the ground. The whole town sat on the square and watched. Including me, I think I was about 8.


7. I am not sure if thats how you spell Koons Department Store.


8. It was next door to Carters Drug store. Ya know that saying "Carters Little Pills", well they have a lot of little pills.



9. The Municiple building now stands where Koons once stood.


10. One of my first jobs was working at the movie theater downtown.


Its haunted :[

11. I have about 500 unread post in my reader. :( I am sorry I have neglected you. Please forgive me.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wittle Baby Chicks!


My friend Brandi just finished with some photo sessions involving baby chicks.

It reminded me of when we were little and my Daddy brought us home some baby chicks. 

Not this kind... .


but this kind.....


It was awesome!  They were so so cute!  I can remember looking into the cage and picking mine out.  I really don't even remember what color I picked out.  I just remember the fascination and wonder of looking at those colored little chicks!

We watched them grow into gangly little "teenage" chicks, and by then they were getting a little too big for their cage.

One day I came home and noticed my chickens were gone!

"Daddy what happened to my chickens??"

I don't think he ever answered me....

Later that night we sat down to eat supper. 

We were having chicken and dumplins.

Coincidence?  I think not!





Stellan is in a serious condition right now.  Please lift him up now!




Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Valarie needs what???


So my dear Tammy over at Greek Grits had this meme that she didn't tag anyone on, and I am glad, I hate getting tagged.  That's why I stay away from playing tag.  I am slow. I always get caught. Then I have to chase people around and then because I am slow, I can't ever "tag" anyone else and then I start to pout and then it all goes down hill from there.

Anywhoo, I chose to do this little meme of my own accord, I thought it would be interesting.  Apparently you put your name in Google along with the word needs. Lets see what we come up with shall we?

Valarie needs a trust fund (Yes that would be nice, but this trust fund is for a little girl with Aicardi's Syndrome)

Valarie needs to be adopted (Nope I already have a family, but this girl does not, unless she has already been adopted, and I hope she has by a wonderful family.)

Valarie needs a life (Now that's just not nice!)

Valarie needs to go (Go where, I don't know?  Maybe to the beach. )

Valarie needs Real Estate Agents (Nope sorry have plenty of them here where I work)

Valarie needs to go to this restaurant (But not planning to go to Jersey anytime soon)

Valarie needs a challenge (Got any ideas?)

Valarie needs to lose the jacket to be one step up from whack (Well I never!)

Valarie needs to lay of those drugs ( I don't do that kind of thing!  I grew up with this image in my head people!  I don't want a fried brain!)


Valarie really needs a vacation (Yes, Yes I do! At last that one is right!)


So try it, let me know what you need.  You never know what it will say.


Don't have a life?? I know famous people, people!!!  Don't believe me??? Then look at this.....


No life my foot!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Where to start??

Warning long post with pictures!!!!!

As you all may remember, I was heading out Friday to go to a Twilight DVD release party.  This is even though I already had my DVD, which thankfully arrived at work at 4:30.  (You are a lucky man Mr UPS driver, I thought I was gonna have to hunt you down!)

With DVD in hand and Mini-E ready to go in my purse.....


We headed home, to get Syd, Kim, Kelsey and Hunter. 

Here we all are before going......





Yes we made Hunter go, Young love will make you do crazy things, like force your boyfriend to a Twilight DVD release party, and him agreeing to go.


Where's Mini-E?


Since it was still early, we went to get something to eat, and since Mini-E does not eat real food, he just watched.


We finally made it to the oh so happening party! (catch any sarcasm there?)



I am sorry, I may be a big Twilight Fan, but this was just wrong!


Edward's hair would never look like that.  I mean it does get a little crazy sometime, but that is just a little over the top.  Bella dear, you look like you are trying to channel Victoria.

Soon after getting there, they started the Twilight trivia contest.


Let me just say the Syd and I rocked the trivia contest!

DSC_0372 DSC_0374

Oh it feels so good to woop up on some little 12 and 13 year olds.


Now we had about an hour and a half full of nothing.  You can get pretty bored with time on your hands, but with Mini-E around things can get pretty interesting.

He had not hunted in awhile and before I knew it he, had gotten him a grizzly, and a triceratops.

DSC_0388 DSC_0386

Wolverine started to start something, but Mini-E put him down quickly!

Judo Chop!

Don't start nothing, wont be nothing!!


Mini-E then went and hung out with some of the Superheros.

Him and the Hulk are buds. 


He read the directors notebook. 

Watch out for that other Dinosaur!


Here I asked him to pose with my new Twilight book.  I had the paperback, but wanted a hardback to complete my collection.


While Mini-E and I had fun around the store, every one else just chilled.


and played I-Spy.


When 12:00 hit, we were leaving, and I-spied someone I thought I knew.

Low and behold it was my blog buddy Ashley!

We know each other, but have never "met" 

It was so awesome to meet her, and she got to help us explain to the Books-A-Million dude, about how Edward sparkles!


She also got to meet Mini-E!


After that, we went home, and were to tired to watch the movie, but slept well knowing that we had it in our hands to watch whenever we wanted.    So the next day Kim and I watched it while the girls were at softball practice.  Then I watched it again yesterday, and I may watch it again tonight.

Oh and because if I don't post this picture, Jessie will have a duck fit, here is Mini-E driving her car.  :)


He does like to drive fast.  Just look at the scenery zooming by!


This precious one needs our prayers!





Please go here and read whats going on now with Stellan and please put some prayers up for him.

Friday, March 20, 2009




Got it in my hands!!!!!! 

Now I think its time to go home!!


By the way sorry for all my Twilight enthusiasm today, I just can't help it!


I need to wash my brain!



Guess what I have!!!!! No its not the DVD yet, still waiting on that.  (Where are you Mr. UPS man!!)




Sorry about the quality of the pictures. 

So Jessie came by work to eat my food as usual, and while she was here I called around looking for my Mini-Edward.  :)  Well I called Spencer's.  They had two, so I slammed the phone down and Jessie and I rushed over to the mall.  I think I was there in 0.3 seconds or something like that.   Anyway they had him with the other random action figures, right next to the  EESSS***YOU KNOW WHAT****XXXXX  items.  So that is the reason for the title of my post, that place is just so not nice.  They did have Mini-Edward though.  He was the only nice thing in there.

Tonight he will be attending one of his Twilight DVD release parties with us.  There will be lost of photos to follow. :)



Today's the day!!

Today's the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are gonna get out of...

Oh sorry wrong movie....

Today's the day!!!!  I am right now at this very moment, this very second, waiting for the UPS man to pull up to the office.  I don't know exactly when he is gonna get here, but when he does, I will be soooo happy!!!  You see he has my Twilight DVD on his truck right now.  I tracked it, I know!


Even though I have pre-ordered my DVD and its on the truck now, I am still going to go to the DVD Release party at my local Books-a-Million.  I will take pictures and everything so there will of course be a blog post about it.


And just in case you don't know what in the world I am talking about watch this...



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Me


Dear Sweet Naive Teenage Valarie,


Do you remember this picture?


Well I was just wondering, do you think you could have gotten your hair any higher on that one side?

Did you also know that they make this thing called an eyebrow brush?  They do, maybe you should have used one.  Also that is some awesome blue eyeliner you are using there.

Dear Sweet Naive Teenage Valarie,

Did you know that some 20 years later, you would be obsessed with a teenage vampire saga, and not Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, or the Beastie Boys!  I know its true.

Speaking of Beastie Boys, did you know that some 20 years later, that your children,  by the way did you ever think you would have 3, would be playing a thing called Guitar Hero, to "No Sleep till Brooklyn".  Yep I know its crazy!

Yes Dear Sweet Naive Teenage Valarie, you heard me right, you have 3 children.  Two girls and a boy.  Didn't see that first one coming did you.  Best thing to ever happen to you.  By the way they are gorgeous and are turning out to be really great kids.

I bet you didn't think you would ever be talking to people all over the world with this thing called a blog either.  I tell you I have meet some wonderful people here in this blog world.  Learned an awful lot too.  You also will reconnect with sooooo many people that you have not talked to since high school on this thing called Facebook.

Yes Dear Sweet Naive Teenage Valarie, life will turn out alright, everything will not always be peachy, you will have some rough spots, but you will get through it and you will enjoy every minute of it.  Ok maybe not every minute, but most of them. :)

Love Always,

Your older ( but not by much )self


For more self reflection head on over to Marcy's for some great Fro me to you Post's