Thursday, July 31, 2008





Hey y'all, I am back fighting the frump after a small absence.   It seems I got into a Fashion Frump Brain Fog, and sorta ran out of stuff to fight about.  I didn't want to just keep repeating myself.   Every Thursday evening and Friday, I would think what can I write about that is fashion forward, fashion yet simple, fashion yet easy, and maybe fashion yet cheap.  For the past several Thursday evenings and Fridays I have sat here with nothing, NOTHING I tell you.  That is until about a week ago.

It all started while I was at Wally World.  I was perusing the cosmetics isle looking for some make-up to wear while at the beach.  Its hot at the beach and I didn't want my make-up to melt off the minute I put it on and walked out the door.   So I looked at some of the mineral makeup they have there at the old Wally World.  I had tried a couple before and to tell you the truth, they were ok.  I am funny though, and  the thing I did not like about them, was the brush.  The bristles stuck me in the face and it hurt.  I know I am weird.

I decided I would go with this.......


Almay Pure Blends

Now I wasn't to sure about it at first, in fact I put it down twice before I finally decided to get it.  To my surprise, I really like it.  It goes on easy.  You just pump that little button at the bottom and then brush it all over your face.   I put my concealer on and blend it in and then swirl this on my face, and I am done.  You want to know the best part?  It actually looks like I have makeup on and not just powder, which is what I was afraid of.

So on a scale of 1 -10

Ease of use - 10

Cost - 8  ( It was about $12, not to bad, but free would be better.  I'm just sayin, cause it would.  I know I won't be getting it for free.)

Portability - 10 ++

Mess - 0 (There isn't a mess!)

Bristle softness - 10 :)

So I'm not saying you have to run out and buy this, but if your looking for something like this to try, I would go ahead and pick it up. 


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April said...

I am running low on mine, I will try ALmay next. What shade?

April said...

I will try this one. I am in need of some new as well.

Dawn said...

Really great timing on your post! I've been trying some of the mineral powders, too, with not too much success. I'll give this one a try. And, I'm even heading to Wally World later today!

Amy said...

I'm a make-up fanantic. Most people have not seen me without it.
I love this post. Thanks for feeding my addiction!

P.S. He loves you... said...

I use SORME and this is only because I can buy it at "professional cost"...otherwise I would be camping out on the wally world isle.

Mineral is the best however you have to be careful that it is really mineral..because even if it only has a trace in it..they can labal it so.

I used to use Bare Essential line and it's minerals are not 100%.

mah-meeee said...

how's the coverage?

must go check it out in the stores... thanks for the post! i LOVE mineral foundations...

Life on the farm... said...

I'll try it.... I think I have tried it all, even took Oprah's advice and tried Bobbi Brown... melted right off... don't know what that girl was talk'n about!

Alisun said...

I need to get me some of that stuff I hate heavy runny makeup at the beach.

Misty said...

Love things that fit in my purse & love quick makeup. May have to give this a try!

Abbreviated said...

Have to check it out.

Tried a free sample from Wal Mart, but the shade was off. said...

Does it belend with your skin color well? This is always my fear, you know like I will look like a geisha.
The Park Wife

Jenn said...

Not much a foundation wearer, but it sounds wonderful. I just usually don't take the time to put it on most mornings. This sounds quick and easy.

Razor Family Farms said...

I love what The Park Wife said! I have the very same fear!

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful encouraging words about our upcoming adoption! You rock!


Dawn said...

It's a special day at my place today... come by and see why! There's even a giveaway!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Thats cool. I like how you dont have to keep up with the brush.

Rhea said...

Oh, very cool! I may have to try this. I like the idea of no mess and easy a lot. :o)